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About The Extended DISC System of Psychometric Instruments for Human Resource Professionalls

Create Practical Action Plans The Extended DISC® System is designed to provide users with practical action plans to enhance individual, team and organizational performance. It provides customized and powerful reports on individuals, teams and organizations. However, Extended DISC® is much more than a set of assessment tools. Altho...

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large part of any company’s success is in first understanding it's people, as individuals.

At Talent Tools, we believe that a large part of any company’s success is in first understanding the people who help their business to function. And that belief ultimately demands that we understand the core concepts of human behavior. Our logic is simple; if you can’t understand why a particular individual performs they way they do ...

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Building a Strengths-focused Organisation - Getting Started

Building a Strengths-focused Organisation - Getting Started

James Brook
Strengths Partnership Ltd

Our recent discussions and observations with Human Resources (HR) practitioners and line managers suggests that whilst the vast majority quickly recognise the advantages and possibilities arising from an organisation built around empl...

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DISC Stastics - Some Comparison Statistics: Australia vs. New Zealand

Extended DISC® International has the ability to measure and compare reports from around the world, and annually produces a Validation Study.

The main objective of the study is to check internal consistency.  Internal consistency is a measure based on the correlations between different items on the same test (or the same subscale...

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Extended DISC Organisational Analysis

Organisational Analysis

How are organisations using Team Analysis? Some of the most common applications for Team Analysis in organisation are: Team growth
Strategic decision making
Identification of the successful behaviours
Leadership Development
Organisational Development
Succession Planning
Turnover reduction
Conflict resolution

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