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The 1, 2 3 of Profitable Workplaces

Profitable workplaces start with talent. 1.  Recognise your talent strengths To get the most out of your employees, (and yourself) you need to know each person's peak performance zone (PPZ). What is a PPZ? The PPZ is where your areas of competence (skills, knowledge and abilities overlap with what energises you at work. ...

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Mindfulness - the new must do mystery

Mindfulness seems to be the new "The Secret." Everyone is talking about, "it is just about being more mindful." Approving heads nodding in agreement around the coffee table or at networking events.  Mindfulness is often spoken in the same breath as wellbeing, resilience, happiness and the good life, it seems that eve...

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How is "Extended DISC" different from "DISC"?

Many people find it surprising that no one owns "DISC".  It is a theory that was originally developed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston.  The DISC-model is in public domain and there are a few companies that have created their proprietary DISC assessments. This blog covers these main points: "Work role" vs....

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Getting 360 Degree Reviews Right

We've all watched countless late-night infomercials regarding a new product or self-help program. As it ends, the person on the TV screen testifies that this new vitamin or exercise process has "changed my life." We assume we're not alone in our skepticism about how life transforming this new product really was. Indeed, as w...

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Bouncing Back from a Negative 360-Degree Review

Unlike traditional reviews and other types of feedback, 360-degree reviews include input from a comprehensive set of people: peers, managers, direct reports, and sometimes customers. One of the most valuable aspects of this tool is that the opinions are voiced anonymously, which encourages a higher level of honesty than you might normally get...

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