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Extended DISC - Extending People

June 2010 Newsletter Greetings This month we look at an actual case study of a company that went through a process of complete change in its corporate culture using Extended DISC methodology. Originally the company operated in the wholesale business importing goods and selling mostly to non-profit (or as generally known in Aus...

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Extended DISC - Extending People July 2010

July 2010 Newsletter Greetings How often do we hear of a situation where a new employee starts with great enthusiasm but after a few months the exuberance wanes? This is often followed by a period of less than “average” performance and a further deterioration in effectiveness after an even shorter period of time. This month we ...

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Extended DISC April 2011 Newsletter

Greetings A recent survey reveals more than 60% of the workforce either hate their jobs or couldn’t really care less about their work as long as they get paid. A recent article in the New Zealand Herald quotes research conducted by Leadership Management Australasia and the conclusions were drawn from 4000 respondents in New Zeal...

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Extended DISC February 2011 Newsletter

Greetings One of our most popular reports is the Team Analysis Report. There are a significant number of uses for the Team Analysis Report and it is easy to use, and easy to generate. It is produced without participants having to complete an additional questionnaire as all the information required is contained in the Personal Analysis Rep...

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Extended DISC in Your Workplace Certification Programs

Our Extended DISCin Your Workplace Certification Programs -  Inhouse  Training  - run at your premises or off-site.
There are two modules;

Module 1:     Enhancing Individual Performance  -  1 Day

Module 2:      Enhancing Team Performance  -  1 Day&nbsp...

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