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Talent Tools on top of Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends 2015

Deloitte recently unveiled its Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report, outlining the HR trends for 2015, which the authors believe will be "reshaping the nature of work and the ways organisations approach talent management".

Leadership  -  the second biggest priority for HR in this year's survey Cre...

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What are work-based strengths?

“Strengths are the underlying qualities that energise you, contribute to your personal growth and lead to peak performance.”  (Brewerton and Brook, 2006) How do we define strengths and how can they be used to maintain and enhance wellbeing and productivity at work?
Strengths are positive traits that are reflected i...

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Extended DISC Suite of Assessments

“There are many good assessment tools on the market for use in coaching and leadership development—Extended DISC® is just more effective.”
Jerold V. Tucker, Principal, The Global Coaching Network, Inc., Former CLO of GTE
Over 85% of our customers upgraded from old DISC to Extended DISC®

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HR Leadership Team Development Case Study

Situation In 2006 an Audit Commission report painted a gloomy picture of the HR function at Ealing Council. The troubled department was failing to provide a good HR service to the organisation and bringing little added value.
The team was feeling demotivated, overworked and unproductive following an intense period of restructuring....

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Extended DISC January 2011 Newsletter

Greetings Welcome to 2011! And what a devastating start for our Australian friends, relations and clients in Queensland and parts of New South Wales........and now Victoria.  Our hearts are with you as cleaning up after a flood must surely rank as one of the most despairing and challenging tasks.  In most years, January ...

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