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Extended DISC Personal Analysis - Frequently Asked Questions

The interpretation of the Profiles is based on the original DISC Theories and the Extended DISC Theory. To understand fully the role of the different questions in forming the profiles would require understanding of the calculation rules for the Profiles.

Although it is important to minimize the response time, the responses given are stil...

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Extending People Newsletter - April 2010

Personal Analysis Reports - Interpretation of Special Cases Case Study No 1 - How Personal Analysis Reports helped solve a difficult situation
One of our consultants was engaged by a four partner legal firm to provide Extended DISC Personal Analysis Reports for the partners and senior members because of “communication” problems...

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4 Ways to Manage Conflict in the Office

Guidelines on how to resolve conflict when you’re the new guy in the office. - Or simply "solving conflict at work" Congratulations are in order: You got yourself a wonderful new job! You’ve completed your on-boarding, have a good feel for what’s needed and an even better feel for what’s expected of you. What&r...

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What differentiates Extended DISC from other DISC tools?

Why is the Extended DISC Diamond so valuable?
• Provides an easy way to get a good understanding of the main behavioural styles – helps combine the results of most Extended DISC tools
• Once a user learns how to interpret the Extended DISC Diamond, it is very easy to apply this knowledge to numerous applications at any...

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What attracts employees isn’t what retains their talent; how to win that race.

Today’s low unemployment figures and skills shortages have changed the landscape of the employee market and indented the tried and true principles of attract, train and retain.

Attracting high achievers is all about the right employment environment. Being an attractive employer requires being branded as a high scorer on the triple score ca...

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