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Have You Upgraded to Extended DISC Yet? SPECIAL OFFERS - Upgrade from old DISC products

Have you upgraded to Extended DISC® yet? Extended DISC® has expanded from its origins in Finland to over 40 countries and is available in over 50 languages. Each language conversion undergoes rigorous process of customisation to ensure the reliability and integrity of the instruments is maintained. Finland is rapidly becoming a leader ...

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How an Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report helped retain and re-engage two capable

We are often reminded by clients of different applications that others may not have considered when using Extended DISC Personal Analysis Reports.

In early December we were telephoned by a human resources consultant who had decided to trial Extended DISC as he had been a user of another DISC based program for many years. The motivating factor fo...

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Strength-Based Development

Strengths-Based Development

The easiest, most beneficial and most economical way to develop people is to identify their innate talents, and use them as the foundation upon which to build skills and knowledge.

Extensive research indicates that people learn, change, and improve the most in the areas of their natural talents and strengths. ...

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Extended DISC 101: Interpreting Personal Analysis Reports

Extended DISC 101:  Interpreting Personal Analysis Reports   The graphics of the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report actually contain all the information provided by the questionnaire. So it is essential to be able to fully interpret them to get the most value from the report.   To achieve this we recommend the pages be rea...

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How a Recruitment Assignment developed into a small restructuring exercise

How a Recruitment Assignment developed into a small restructuring exercise    One of our consultants was instructed by one of his clients to provide an Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report for a Director of organisation so that it could be used to produce Work Pair Analysis Reports with the final three candidates for a management...

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