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Addressing Team Effectiveness

Addressing Team Effectiveness using the Extended DISC Team Analysis Report  The Team Analysis is based on the results of the Extended DISC Personal Analysis of the individuals who make up the team. This link is clearly delineated in the team analysis results because some segments of the team report also displays the individual...

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10 Conflict Resolution Mistakes To Avoid

Conventional wisdom (and research) says that good communication can improve relationships, increasing intimacy, trust and support. The converse is also true: poor communication can weaken bonds, creating mistrust and even contempt! Here are some examples of negative and even destructive attitudes and communication patterns that can exacerbate c...

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15 Reasons Why You Should Use Extended DISC®

To get the most out of your personal or business growth it is important to understand what benefits the Extended DISC can offer you.

Listed below are just some of the many benefits the Extended DISC® suite of tools can provide to help any business, no matter how big or small.
In this highly competitive business world it pays to h...

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An Introduction toThe Playing to Strengths Approach

Strengths are those activities that make you feel strong.

Strengths are made up of three things:

1. Talents. Talents are innate
Because you are so close to your own talents, they are most effectively measured by profiles such as the Extended DISC Personal Analysis. These profiles give you a way to step back from yourself and identify...

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Benefits of Employee Profiling with Extended DISC

'Extended DISC®' - the most highly sophisticated and advanced profiling tool. D - DOMINANCE
C - COMPLIANCE This is not purely a personality profile....but much more! 7 Major Advantages of the Extended DISC Profile System Extended DISC® cannot be fooled! DISC programs and others can be (and often ...

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