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Cost-effective ways of motivating your workforce

We all want an engaged and motivated workforce. And we all want to ensure strategies are applied in the most cost-effective way possible. Here, James Brook shows you how. In the current uncertain economic environment, no concept is arguably more important than motivation. How can companies keep employees motivated while keeping salary, wa...

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Details of Extended DISC Profiles, Assessments, 360 Feedback & Reports

Talent Tools offers a range of Extended DISC® assessments that are flexible and can be tailored to meet your requirements. The assessments are available on their own or as part of a bespoke solution for coaching and development, team building, leadership training and selection and organisational development. The questionnaires can be admin...

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DISC Case Study - Understanding a Person's Conscious vs. Unconscious Behavioural Style

Recently, a consultant had doubts as to the accuracy of a Personal Analysis Report and it was interesting to realise why there was some confusion over the report. The two Profiles in the report are shown opposite.

The person’s employer was of the opinion that the candidate was a relatively quiet withdrawn person, but thorough, ...

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DISC Case Study: Invalid Personal Analysis

How an Invalid Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report confirmed a Manager's Suspicions. Jenny (not her real name) is imployed in a pressure role. She has daily meetings with some high powered individuals and the demands on her expertise and experience requires a lot of stamina! She is very professional and although she does not na...

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Energy at work

Natalie Dagnall is a qualified lawyer and runs an employment training and advisory consultancy called Lifewize. In this article Natalie discusses the role energy can play in the workplace and its potential impact
The aftermath of the Tsunami disaster, has given most of us the energy to take a long hard look at our priorities, perspect...

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