Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis

Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis is a very powerful tool. It is easy to use and very cost effective. It is no wonder that it is so widely utilized. Work Pair Analysis is designed to provide information that allows two individuals to take action that will have a positive impact on their performance. Work Pair Analysis is a tool that combine...

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Extended DISC® Authorised Reseller

Would you like to become an Extended DISC® Authorised Reseller? We have a limited number of reseller arrangements with entreprenuerial companies and individuals. There are two main types of authorised resellers: •Training, consulting, coaching and staffing firms that use Extended DISC® tools with their clients in various ap...

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Extended DISC® FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report. What reading level is the Personal Analysis questionnaire is designed for?
Assuming a person has had a normal, proper schooling, he/she should be able to respond to the questionnaire at the age of 15 (it's been done successfully at the age of nine). How...

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Extended DISC® Job Analysis

 Job Analysis answers a very difficult question that most organizations struggle with: “What are the specific behavioral requirements for this job that will produce the desired results?” Typically our clients know what skills and competencies are needed from employees to achieve success. However, when it comes to the behaviors,...

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Extended DISC® Job Comparison

What is Extended DISC® Job Comparison?
The Extended DISC® Job Comparison report is an add-on to the Personal Analysis Report and allows you to select one of the below Job Compentencies and assess the significance of 20 statements using a 1 to 10 scale. It enables users to quickly define important job requirements and measure a “P...

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