Strengths set to boost employee performance

Boosting employee performance Peak performers are fascinating top achievers who perform at their best and exceed limits across all disciplines inspire people all over the world. However, if you study the world's greatest achievers you soon find out that actually there is no secret recipe for instant success. In fact, we're all cap...

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What are work-based strengths?

“Strengths are the underlying qualities that energise you, contribute to your personal growth and lead to peak performance.”  (Brewerton and Brook, 2006) How do we define strengths and how can they be used to maintain and enhance wellbeing and productivity at work?
Strengths are positive traits that are reflected i...

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Escape the Corporate Straightjacket

Too many companies straightjacket their people from the moment they join the organisation. Tthey smother them with policies, procedures and prescribed ways of behaving and doing things which stifle the very strengths, ideas and skills they were hired for in the first place. To compound the problem, people are hired for strengths, but much...

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Using Strengthscope® to help Futureproof your Competency Framework

The central idea behind competency systems is a great one – find out what excellent performers do in a role, team or business area, codify the behaviours and train others to demonstrate these behaviours at a high level of competence. Bingo, great performance all round….or perhaps not. So why do competency frameworks often fall w...

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Using Employee Satisfaction Surveys as Diagnostic Tools

Working with consultants and/or management,reports can be tailored with a precise focus and are ideal to suit the need of consultants, (human resource or management professionals).
The advantage is they can be integrated with other FinxS tools designed for the specific project planned. This can be anything from organisational change mana...

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