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Employee Engagement Triggers

  This radical new approach to employee engagement might just be the "other half of the equation", the missing piece, the thing that we've been overlooking that could change the business landscape for good!     ...

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Do you REALLY communicate with Customers?

We all face situations daily when our typical approach – or style - that often works well, just does not achieve the results we are aiming for. Our approach makes perfect sense to us, but the others do not appear to “get it”. We may try different approaches, but the process is hit or miss. It is frustrating and unproductive....

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Extended DISC Profiling Tool

Profiling Tool
We all want more effective interaction with prospects, co-workers and clients. We also try to effectively influence others to achieve our goals. Unfortunately, it is often challenging to choose how to go about issues and at times we make costly mistakes. Using the Extended DISC® Profiling tool you could be more c...

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