The 1, 2 3 of Profitable Workplaces

Profitable workplaces start with talent. 1.  Recognise your talent strengths To get the most out of your employees, (and yourself) you need to know each person's peak performance zone (PPZ). What is a PPZ? The PPZ is where your areas of competence (skills, knowledge and abilities overlap with what energises you at work. ...

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What Energises You at Work?

Earlier this year, as we began our internal recruitment campaign.  We decided to introduce Strengthscope as part of our assessment process. Strengthscope is a psychometric tool which focuses on identifying what energises somebody at work.  The thinking being that if people are given the opportunity to do things which energise them, ...

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There has never been a better time to unleash the power of team strengths.

The power of the team is in its strengths! Paul Brewerton, co-disigner of Strengthscope, explains how teams can identify and use members' strengths to improve performance.
Employees are suffering survivor syndrome or 'change fatigue', some are unsure of the future and of how they can best, or even continue to, cont...

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