Certification Process for Talent Assessments
Certification Process

I am a QUALIFIED Practitioner. Do I need to be CERTIFIED?

    Qualified practitioners can be exempt from some of the talent assessment certification training. Please click here for more information.
    Please Note: We highly recommend our certification programs to qualified practitioners. By participating in certification training, you will be able to apply your previously acquired knowledge to effectively use and administer the assessment, and generate reports.


Why Get Certified?

Give yourself a unique competitive advantage.

    Access to the Level B instruments that are well respected in the market and leading-edge assessments to add to your toolkit
    Grow your business by using Talent Assessments as a catalyst for building your client development action plan
    Diversify your practice by utilizing Talent Assessments in various capacities: leadership development, selection, executive coaching and much, much more!

What Does Certification Include?

    Access to resources on Talent Assessments
    A free online account to administer and score the assessments
    Take the assessment yourself and receive feedback from an experienced coach
    A certificate that authorizes you to purchase and administer the assessment

Certification Program Components

Talent Assessments certification programs are delivered via two options:

    A blended learning solution that enables you to complete a portion of the certification online accompanied by an interactive in-classroom portion focused on acquiring the skills needed to utilise the assessment competently and confidently
    A virtual certification process where the program is delivered entirely online, allowing you to complete the certification at home or work

Post-Certification Process

    Once certified, you will be set up with a free online portal account where you can administer and generate reports, and gain access to valuable marketing resources and research papers / articles on topics pertaining to Talent Assessments

Where Do I Get Certified?

    Choose from a global network of MHS-approved trainers

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