Customer PulseTM

Purpose:  to measure each cuostmer's experience of your product/service, today, at point if service

What you can measure - you can manage

Customer PulseTM has been developed as a quick and practical tool to measure customer feedback, when it matters - RIGHT NOW !

An efficient and speedy online survey for collecting targeted reponses from large or small groups  - and providing live updated responses online 24/7. 

Real Time Measure is applicable to any industry area, from hospitality to sales, to production, transportation to logistics, or in retail. Anywhere your customers opinion is vital to success. Whether your business is large or small,  Talent Survey will provider meaningful and timely information so you can apply adaptive business strategiesTM to optimise customer retention and profits.


A Flexible Targeted Tool, Customer PulseTM

Customer Pulse is a highly customisable evaluation tool, successfully used for gathering feedback for any business entity that requires quick, yet accurately targeted feedback.

  • Immediately, at point of service, captures customers responses to the questions you pose.
  • Immediately, their responses are collated and available to you on screen
  • Enables you to evaluate and measure responses right away
  • Enables you to take immeidate corrective action


you to save time and money.



Simple and quick to set up

Enforce your brand by using your own business or organisation logo

Measure opinions on new products by altering the questions and re-targeting or refining the focus area

High participation means meaningful results

Utilise the information easily, as data can be provided in different file formats (i.e. Power Point, Excel and CSV)You can take proactive response to any development areas with RTM immediate feedbackSelf-management enables you to be flexible in how and when you use the system, saving you time and money by not having to rely on a third party provider.

Instant Customised Feedback

Instant online feedback on new or existing products and/or servicesInstant online feedback from employees - engagement, goals, satisfactionTime saving and cost effective Customised to meet your needs and simple to manage

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