Dear Coaches!

You will be aware of the work we have done understanding different styles of behaviour. I am accredited in Extended DISC (I can provide reports and 'unpack' what the report means to the client) which I have found incredibly powerful in coaching, especially in relation to teamwork, communication, building relationships and leadership.  I've been approached by an excellent extended disc provider to join me in Doha to provide accredited training. Please let me know if you are interested in this incredibly beneficial and invaluable service you can offer your clients and I will be happy to send you more details.

The beauty of Extended DISC is that it can get to the heart of someone's behaviours and habits very quickly, both what is working well and what is not.  This provides the most amazing opportunities for coaching, creating awareness and opening people's eyes, as well as providing potential strategies to overcome things that might hold clients back.

Extended DISC reveals two sides of a person's communication and behavioral style: at work and our 'core' style. This means we can appreciate both our strengths and weaknesses and where our internal stresses lie so that we can make empowering choices to utilise those strengths and make different choices to 'undo' the stresses we create for ourselves.

Extended DISC is a great tool to help break down judgements as well as understand how to approach people who are different to ourselves for the purpose of overcoming conflicts, influencing and leading others and strengthening relationships.

I highly highly recommend it as it really provides wonderful insights into human behaviour - and as coaches - we are essentially specialists in being curious and understanding human behavioural patterns.


Jeanine Bailey
Director & Co-Founder
Empower World
ICF Accredited coaches, ICF coach trainers and mentors, leadership developers and facilitators of change.

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