Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 - EQ-i 2.0

Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 - EQ-i 2.0    $95 + gst

Publisher: MHS


Age Range: 16 and older

Administration Time: 30 minutes


  • Online (administration and scoring)
  • Software (administration and scoring)

The new EQ-i® 2.0 delivers a revolutionary new experience that leverages the scientific rigor and predictive capability of our current EQ-i® assessment and combines this with everything the market demanded.

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®) is the first scientifically validated and most widely used Emotional Intelligence assessment in the world. Based on more than 20 years of research worldwide, the EQ-i® examines an individual's social and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

Respondents self-report on their life and workplace performance in key areas of emotional skill that have been proven to contribute to proficiency in complex business activities such as conflict resolution and planning. By identifying the areas that need improvement, the client can immediately begin developing those areas. At the same time, areas where the client excels can be leveraged to their full potential to maximise effectiveness in daily tasks.

Scales and Forms:


  • Self-Regard
  • Self-Actualisation
  • Emotional Self-Awareness


  • Emotional Expression
  • Assertiveness
  • Independence


  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Empathy
  • Social Responsibility


  • Problem Solving
  • Reality Testing
  • Impulse Control

Stress Management

  • Flexibility
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Optimism

View Sample Reports:

  • Client - EQi 2.0 Workplace Report
  • Coach - EQi 2.0 Workplace Report
  • Higher Education - EQi 2.0 Counselors Report
  • Higher Education - EQi 2.0 Student Comprehensive
  • Higher Education - EQi 2.0 Student Summary

Each assessment completed generates a coach and a client report, which provide useful information about a person's emotional intelligence, follow-up questions and applications in the workplace.


EQ 360

EQ 360    $385 + gst

Author(s): Reuven Bar-On, Ph.D. & Rich Handley, DBA

Publisher: MHS


Age Range: 16 and older

Administration: Multi-rater report

Administration Time: 30 minutes per questionnaire

While the EQ-i 2.0® identifies the level of a client's emotional and social functioning based on his or her responses, the EQ 360 assessment provides a more in-depth analysis by having those who work with the client provide information as well. When observer ratings are compared with the results of an EQ-i 2.0 self-report, a more complete 360 degree profile emerges.

The EQ 360 identifies key employee strengths that can be leveraged to the benefit of the organization, as well as impediments to high performance that could be improved. As with the EQ-i 2.0, the new EQ 360 features significant changes based on data and feedback gathered over several years.

This feedback resulted in:

  • Clear alignment with EQ-i 2.0 items
  • Automated set-up
  • Condensed report output
  • Enhanced report appearance
  • Detailed interpretation

Clear Alignment with EQ-i 2.0

One important change that was requested was a better alignment between the EQ-i and the EQ 360. In the new EQ 360, each of the 133 assessment items has a corresponding and equivalent item in the EQ-i 2.0. In addition, the EQ 360 reports are now set up in such a way that participants can view the results for each item across all rater groups; this even includes their self-report results. This improved alignment creates higher face validity because the results can be much more easily understood and reports better interpreted. And, of course, the new EQ-i 2.0 model also applies to EQ 360.

Automated Set-up

The new EQ 360 provides simplicity and automation all based on direct customer feedback. For example, after participants have nominated their own raters, the system emails raters automatically with a unique URL that they then use to access the tool and to rate the participant. Having an automated process makes it easy to work with the EQ 360 and it saves you time.

Report Output

The new EQ 360 Client and Coach reports include not only the feedback of all the raters, but also the feedback of the participant all in one consolidated report. This saves the participant time and effort in working through multiple reports, and it allows for better comparison and understanding of the feedback received. Reports are structured in a very clear and linear manner that is easy to follow and reference making the EQ 360 an entirely positive user experience.

Report Appearance

The new EQ 360 features a one-page overview, as well as providing a gap analysis which is a visual representation of the ratee's responses directly compared to the responses of the nominated raters. The gap analysis points out the areas where there is a high versus a low level of agreement between the ratee and the raters, and it highlights potential blind spots.

View Sample Report

  • Client - EQ360 Workplace Report


EQ-I 2.0 Leadership Report   $145 + gst

Publisher: MHS


Purpose: Examine a client's EQ-i 2.0 results through key dimensions of

Age Range: 16 and older

Time: 30 minutes

Format: Online

The Leadership Report examines EQ-i 2.0 results through four key dimensions of leadership: authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation. As an option, you can choose to compare your client's results against those of top leaders, creating a coaching benchmark for exceptional EI performance. The leadership report also contains insights on the leadership and organizational implications of your clients' results, as well as strategies for development aimed to help your client reach his or her true leadership potential.

Report Highlights

Executive Summary page:

An Executive Summary page showcases the client's three highest and three lowest scoring EI skills. Quickly pinpoint:

  • Relative areas in which the client excelsareas that help fuel organizational and personal performance.
  • Relative areas that are in need of development, in order to harness the client's leadership ability.

Leadership Potential page:

The Leadership Potential page examines four key leadership dimensions (Authenticity, Coaching, Insight, and Innovation) and highlights associated and relevant EI skills of your client (based on research and theory) that help promote success in the client's leadership role. If the Leadership Potential page is turned on, graphical icons will appear on every subscale page linking the subscale to the four leadership competencies.

A leadership derailer section examines how low scores for specific EI skills may particularly hamper leadership success.

Leadership bar

A yellow leadership bar appears on the Overview of Results page, and above all other bar graphs on every subscale page. This additional bar highlights how your client's scores fare in comparison to top leaders.

Focus development efforts in areas in which he/she scored lower than other leaders, in order to maximize his/her leadership capability.

If the Leadership Bar is turned on, interpretive text describing your client's score in relation to the leadership bar will appear in the "What Your Score Means" section of every subscale page.

Subscale page

On every EI subscale page, you will be provided with an interpretation of your client's score, the associated leadership and organizational impact, and some strategies to help the client leverage each EI skill to reach his/her full potential in his/her current role. As with the Workplace Report, there is also an option to turn on the Balancing EI section, which helps the client understand the importance of achieving balance across his or her EQ-i 2.0 profile.

Leadership topics:

Three current topics in leadership are explored using the EQ-i 2.0 model. You may choose to turn on one, some, or all of these leadership topic pages depending on the nature of the leadership issues you and your clients are working with. Best practices are suggested for leveraging EI to provide your client with guidance in: 

  • Managing conflict: Four best practices to leverage your emotional intelligence in times of conflict.
  • Achieving work-life balance: Nine best practices to harnessing your emotional intelligence to strike the elusive work-life balance.
  • Leading a multigenerational team: Three guidelines to leveraging key emotional intelligence skills to capitalize on a dynamic work environment.

Turn on/off report pages and other features to customize reports to each unique client

  • Scores, labels and Confidence Intervals
  • Balancing EI
  • Action Plan and Development Commitment
  • Follow-Up Questions specific to leadership
  • Debrief Guide
  • Leadership Potential Page
  • Leadership Bar
  • Current Leadership Topics

View a sample report


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