DISC Facilitator Accreditation Training in Singapore

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Become qualified in the world's universal language - DISC

This intensive 1 day DISC Certification program will equip you to use DISC in a diverse  range of workplace scenarios and activities to achieve a vast array of outcomes.

You should attend this training if you are a business owner, manager, internal or external human resource, management or business consultant, educator, coach, counsellor, trainer, mediator.

You should attend this training if you are interested in professional or personal development; understanding human behavior to improve your own, or the workplace performance of others.

Before the training you will be invited to complete the online questionnaire and receive your own DISC Personal Analysis Report. Prior to the training you are asked to complete the worksheets included with your report. Some post-training work may be required to fulfill the certification requirements.

Find out how to use DISC to address the common workplace issues (poor communication, low engagement, lack of synergy/teamwork, stress and tension) that negatively impace workplace wellbeing, engagement and the bottom line.

Find out how to use DISC to address specific business and "people" imperatives (sales and customer service, performance management and conflict resolution, leadership development, innovation or creativity) that are mission critical to survival and sustainability.

Program Outline

ClickCalling - Call Us For Free Now!Morning Sessions

1 – DISC Theory, Models and Instruments

Ancient and modern history of DISC from western and eastern perspectives
How to explain DISC in simple terms
Getting comfortable with the styles
Style recognition practices
Overvirew of DISC Models and products
How to determine the validity and reliability of the different  DISC questionnaires and reports available on the market
DISC graph Interpretations…. What to look for and how to practically use the information?
How to use the DISC reports as a developmental workbook
How to blend DISC with your training or coaching

Afternoon Sessions

2 – Implementing the DISC in your, or your client's organization

Practical debrief session
Preparing individuals to undertake the questionnaire
Preparing for debriefing sessions (individual and workshop scenarios)
Handling the questions and mis-matches in the report with their perception of themselves
Overview of multi-person DISC reports
Using DISC for team-building, leadership development, coaching, recruitment, performance management + more applications!
How to structure your presentations and workshops
Customization options for DISC in your organization or client
Embedding DISC in the workplace
Review of the included and purchasable DISC resources

Training Inclusions:
  • Your own DISC Personal Analysis Report
  • Online DISC Administration System
  • Workshop Notes
  • Facilitator’s Guide and PowerPoint presentations for conducting workshops
  • PowerPoint presentations for demonstrations and proposals
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Completion Certificate on completion of certification requirements

PLUS, you will also receive at no extra cost:

  • Access to DISC reports at wholesale prices
  • Technical support for your online DISC Admin SystemDISC training at Talent Tools www.talenttools.com.au
  • Ongoing Support with the interpretation of reports
  • Access to  extensive library PowerPoint presentations, promotional and training materials
  • Brilliant ongoing support and advice
  • Regular updates including case studies and advice on the many ways you can utilise DISC tools.


Places are strictly limited to ensure all learning outcomes are achieved by all participants.

Venue: Singapore TBA
Starting: 9:30 AM
Monday 28th October 2013
Ending: 4:30 PM
Phone Enquiries: +61 7 3103 0177
Email Enquiries: Team@talenttools.com.au

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