How to Drive Productivity and Performance Improvement using Behavioural Profiling

A detailed look at what Workplace Behavioural Profiling is,  and the many benefits available to organisations and   business owners, focusing on improved Extended DISC Reports. Accreditation & Workshops at Talent Toolsunderstanding of self, employees and clients.

Using Extended DISC; we will learn firstly, about ourselves, then about our employees and clients. Then explore how to use this knowledge to improve communication, engagement and productivity in your business.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the most advanced DISC system available in world, Extended DISC,  and how it can make a significant difference to productivity, staff motivation and retention at your business.

Attend this workshop and learn how:

  • to get the most from each of the different behavioural styles of your employees
  • to use DISC theory to delight your customers
  • to use team dynamics to your advantage
  • to use DISC to never make a hiring mistake again
  • to assign  tasks  and jobs  to the right person for optimal productivity
  • how to enhance workplace wellbeing, increase engagement and profits at the same time with Extended DISC

This is an experiential and participatory workshop with lots of take-aways with immediate application in your workplace.

You will be provided with your own Individual Analsys Report, including your entrepreneurial style, which we will use throughout this practical  workshop. This will maximise the learning and value of the take-aways from the workshop for you. We know you will be amazed by the accuracy and precision of your report as well as the usefulness of the content for you in your own work environment.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance and useful DISC resources and materials to use back on the job as well.





Venue: Newcastle, NSW
Starting: 9:00 AM
Thursday 26th June 2014
Ending: 1:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 1800 768 569
Email Enquiries:

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