FREE Session - How to improve business outcomes using DISC Template

Innovative ways you can use DISC theory and products at work to:

  • support employee's engagement, work satisfaction and professional growth,
  • develop communication, leadership and customer service skills,
  • establish and/or improve team relationships and outcomes
  • create a healthy culture, help your organisations grow and prosper.

with improved Extended DISC Reports. Accreditation & Workshops at Talent Toolsunderstanding of self, staff and clients; and how to use this knowledge to improve communication, engagement and productivity in your business.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the world's universal language, DISC and how it can make a significant difference to productivity, staff motivation, retention and much more:

  •     Team building to increase productivity
  •      Management skills to motivate staff
  •      Sales training for immediate results
  •      Leadership development
  •      Executive coaching    
  •      New employee orientation.
Tap here if you are  interested in learning more about getting DISC accredited.

Attend this workshop and learn how to:

  •  get the most from each of the different behavioural style employees
  •  use DISC theory to delight your customers
  •  working with others and in teams
  •  use DISC to avoid costly hiring mistakes
  •  assign  tasks  and jobs  to the right person for optimal productivity
  •  enhance workplace wellbeing, increase engagement and profits at the same time with Extended DISC

Morning Tea is included, and you will receive useful DISC materials to take home as well.

Venue: TBA
Repeats: On specific dates
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Our DISC Accreditation Training: Our DISC Accreditation Trainjing provides knowledge, skills and user-friendly DISC training materials; worksheets, handouts, learning activities, PowerPoint presentations are designed to:

Show how to use DISC for:

  • Coaching others to reach their real potential on a consistent basis
  • Mentoring to propel fast trackers toward success
  • Managing up and getting the boss to buy in
  • Conducting effective new employee orientation
  • Teaching effective communication behaviours from the start.

Help their organizations increase results by:

  •  Leading meetings with styles in mind for optimum productivity.
  •  Training sales managers to increase sales
  •  Masterfully transform a dysfunctional team through teambuilding
  •  Providing excellent customer service.

Assist managers in skills development by:

  •  Finding the right person/job fit the first time around
  •  Empowering people to be accountable for communications through Leadership programs
  •  Teaching management skills (motivating their staff based on DISC styles)
  •   Implementing performance development plans that offer more effective ways to communicate

Create a healthy culture by:  

  • Improving conflict resolution techniques, which will dissipate, tension and mistrust
  • Training in diversity and using contrasting DISC styles as a positive asset.

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