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The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) was developed to prevent harmful conflict in the workplace.

It provides managers and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict so that they can improve on those behaviours causing the most problems.

The CDP's focus on conflict behaviours, rather than styles, emphasizes an action-oriented approach which lessens the problems associated with harmful or unproductive forms of conflict and results in more effective conflict management skills.

There are two versions of the CDP: the CDP-360 and the CDP-Individual (CDP-I).

The CDP-I is a "self report" (it only looks at how you view yourself), whereas the CDP-360 is a full spectrum tool which gives not only your self view but also delineates the feedback from bosses, peers, and direct reports.

A psychometrically sound instrument, easily completed in 20-25 minutes, the CDP comes with a thorough Development Guide offering practical tips and strategies for strengthening conflict management skills.

Applicable for all types of organisations, the instrument can be used within the context of an existing training program, as a stand-alone assessment for an individual or group of employees, or as part of a facilitation or coaching intervention.

Participants attending the workshop will:
• Gain an understanding of the Conflict Dynamics Profile® history, research, and key principles
• Learn how to read and analyse data in the feedback report
• Develop an ability to facilitate a feedback session using the Conflict Dynamics Profile
• Learn practical applications of the Conflict Dynamics Profile and how to assist others with developmental planning

Workshop Inclusions:
Participants will have the opportunity to take the Conflict Dynamics Profile and receive an individual feedback report.

 Professional Resources Kit

• Technical Manual

• Interpretive Considerations

• Administrative Guide

• CD-ROM containing PowerPoint presentations (to produce colour overhead slides)

• Three sample Feedback Reports

• The Development Guide, Managing Conflict Dynamics: A Practical Approach.

• Marketing presentation

• Video-"How to Prepare Feedback"

• Video-Demonstration of an actual one-on-one feedback session

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CDP Training  Brisbane

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