Australian Punctum Launch - Brisbane

At Banyo Library Meeting Room 1st Floor, 284 St Vincents Rd, Banyo Q  4014

Following its very successful debut in Europe and USA, Talent Tools presents the brand new game from Points of You - Punctum!

Every day thousands of people throughout the world play and work with Points of You tools.

Punctum takes its players from old perspectives to the exploration of new angles through an engaging range of activities.  It inspires, entertains and delights by creating a unique opportunity to pause for a moment and consider the options.

Each photo card is open to a world of interpretations.  Play it alone, in a team or with family.  It’s synchronicity will amaze you!Points of You and Punctum available from Talent Tools

Our Punctum launch includes:

  • demonstration sessions -

    •  how to use Punctum in a range of activities

    • for a range of different purposes

  • discovery into experiential learning using photo therapy principles

  • excellent networking opportunity

Punctum easily adapts to any audience or situation  -  Suitable for working one-on-one, small groups, large groups and entire organisations!


Tangible and visualy Impressive, Punctum is a tool that helps to illustrate abstract ideas into clear messages.

If you think you lack creativity ,and innovation is just not your thing - think again - get in touch with your inspirational side with Punctum .

Punctum goes beyond just talking about a problem, bypassing logic, and allows participants to view and verbalise significant issues and find creative solutions in a non-confrontational manner.

Price: $25.00 per person  
(Incls. $20 discount on any event purchase)


Venue: Banyo Library Meeting Room
Starting: 6:00 PM
Wednesday 3rd December 2014
Ending: 8:30 PM
Phone Enquiries: 1800 768 569 | 61 7 3103 0177
Email Enquiries:

Australian Punctum Launch  -  Brisbane

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