Positive Psychology @ Work - Template

Positive Psychology @ Work

What we mean by strengths and happiness at work? Identify and enhance both your own strengths and those of your team and co-workers.

Our Positive Psychology @ Work workshop helps you to explore and develop a more positive approach to work and relationships, enabling you to be more effective in optimising your strengths and behaviours resulting in high performance. This session is an introduction to our half or one day Positive Workplace Practices Workshops.

Are you playing to your strengths?

  • Do you know what energises you the most at work?
  • How can you leverage your strengths and achieve higher performance and improved wellbeing at work?

In this abridged version of our half and one-day Postive Workplace Practices Workshop we will:

  • learn about the latest science of positive working and how thinking and acting positively boosts your performance, motivation and well-being
  • engage in fun exercises to explore how your mindset impact performance
  • gain strategies and tools to manage and strengthen your mindset and behaviours back at work
Venue: TBA
Starting: 9:00 AM
Monday 31st October 2016
Ending: 10:30 AM
Phone Enquiries: 1800 768 569 | 0416 010 701

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