Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader - Adelaide

Many of us experience "fight or flight" responses when it comes to conflict. Effective leaders, however, handle conflict in a constructive manner and enable others to do the same. These leaders also champion conflict competency in their organisations and find that conflict can actually work to their advantage, fostering new ideas and stronger teams.

In this session you will learn:

The importance of dealing with organizational conflict effectively
Ways to maintain control of your emotions when faced with conflict
How to enhance your use of constructive conflict behaviors
What it takes to champion conflict competence in your organisation

Content Outline:

The What and Why Conflict Competent Leaders
Understanding Conflict Dynamics
Using Conflict Dynamics Profile
Self-Awareness, Self-Control
Preventing Destructive Responses to Conflict
Fostering Constructive Responses to Conflict

Participants will receive their own Conflict Dynamics Profile which will be used in the session, together with a 112 page workbook, Managing Conflict Dynamics - A Practical Approach.

The day is fully catered.

Venue: Adelaide CBD TBA
Phone Enquiries: 61 7 3862 2859
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Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader  - Adelaide

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