Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader (Master)

Conflict Competent Leaders are those who can detect destructive conflict behaviour, in themselves and others and take steps to correct the behaviours, and encourage behaviours, practices, and processes that enable successful resolution to conflict.

Learn how to become a Conflict Competent Leader, and consistently replace destructive conflict behaviours with constructive behaviours.

Transform conflict in your team (or oganisation) into a valuable source of creativity and problemsolving. Lean the foundation of personal and organisational success in ways previously unimagined and unrealised. 


Content Outline:

  1. The What and Why Conflict Competent Leaders
  2. Understanding Conflict Dynamics
  3. Using the Conflict Dynamics Profile
  4. Self-Awareness, Self-Control
  5. Preventing Destructive Responses to Conflict
  6. Fostering Constructive Responses to Conflict
  7. Building Conflict Competent Teams & Organisations

Participants will receive their own Conflict Dynamics Profile which will be used in the session.

Venue: Auckland CBD TBA
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