How to Develop an Entrepreneurial (or Intrapreneurial) Mindset -Template

To succeed in an environment of accelerating change and uncertainty, people need resilience. How to measure and build resilience, and quantify benefits.

As today's business world demands that companies pursue growth, corporate leaders (and the teams they lead) have to make the most of their entrepreneurial capacity in order to thrive.

A recent Deloitte study found that organizations identified as "entrepreneurial" were succeeding at a much faster pace in the market with significantly increased capital investment, higher profit margins, and greater productivity among other indicators.  In other words, thinking with an "entrepreneurial mindset" not only drives change, but it can blaze new trails.



Entrepreneurial Mindset Scales

Personality Scales 


  • Independence: the desire to work with a high degree of independence
  • Preference for Limited Structure: a preference for tasks and situations with little formal structure
  • Nonconformity: a preference for acting in unique ways; an interest in being perceived as unique
  • Risk Acceptance: a willingness to pursue an idea or a desired goal even when the probability of succeeding is low
  • Action Orientation: a tendency to show initiative, make decisions quickly, and feel impatient for results
  • Passion: a tendency to experience one's work as exciting and enjoyable rather than tedious and draining
  • Need to Achieve: the desire to achieve at a high level


Skill Scales


  • Future Focus: the ability to think beyond the immediate situation and plan for the future
  • Idea Generation: the ability to generate multiple and novel ideas, and to find multiple approaches for achieving goals
  • Execution: the ability to turn ideas into actionable plans; the ability to implement ideas well
  • Self-Confidence: a general belief in one's ability to leverage skills and talents to achieve important goals
  • Optimism: the ability to maintain a generally positive attitude about various aspects of one's life and the world
  • Persistence: the ability to bounce back quickly from disappointment, and to remain persistent in the face of setbacks
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity: a high level of sensitivity to and concern for the well-being of those with whom one works
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