FinxS System User Training - Behavioural Analysis - Design

FinxS Behavioural Analysis Design

It is assumed that those attending this webinar will have experience and/or attended the Administration Training

This webinar is 2 hours and builds on the content in the Administration session.

In this FinxS System User Training - Behavioural Analysis - Design session you will cover:

  • An in-depth System Overview exploring each of the tabs
  • Advanced Administration
    • Providing account access to multiple users 
    • Adding Sub-users
    • How to use Projects as a management tool and automate FinxS administration tasks 
  • How to use the image manager
  • How to Clone and Customise
    • Answering Interfaces
    • Report Templates
    • Report Content
  • Creating New Reports:
    • what's available in the system to use in reports
      • behavioural competencies
      • styles
      • ideal jobs
      • tips
      • Job templates
    • how to add material external to the system to your reports

A 30-minute Q & A will follow the session.



FinxS Behavioural Analysis Administration

This training is usually run on the first Thursday of each Month and follows the following format:

This 45-minute webinar is conducted live by a Talent Tools System Trainer and covers the following:

System Overview - what's sitting in each of the tabs
How to change your system password
Check your Points balance
How to provide a candidate with access to complete the questionnaire
How to generate more passwords/links
How to generate/print an individual  report from the database
How to generate a team/group report from the database
How to resend a report
How to use the open preview
System Control - Projects
A further 15 minutes of Q & A is then available.

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