Six Ways to Wellbeing Workshop - DARWIN

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In its simplest form, wellbeing is our ability to feel good and function effectively: physically, mentally, and socially.  But in an increasingly connected, dynamic, and busy world, looking after our wellbeing at work has never been more challenging.  So, what are the evidence-based approaches you and your team can take to make this a little easier, a lot more enjoyable, and far more effective?

 The 6 Ways To Wellbeing Get a practical roadmap for looking after your wellbeing no matter how busy life gets.  You'll learn why thriving and struggle are normal, and discover the 6 steps you can take to have the energy, confidence, and commitment you need to shape your wellbeing.  You'll come away knowing why and how to prioritise jolts of joy, be more comfortably uncomfortable, reset your Stress Mindset, uncover your neurological superpowers, Turn Your To-Do's into Tah-Dahs, and seek and give more Strengths Feedback.

Venue:Mantra on the Esplanade Darwin
Venue Address:8 The Esplanade, Darwin
Starting:9:00 AM
Wednesday 9th February 2022
Ending:12:30 PM
Phone Enquiries:1800 768 569
Email Enquiries:

Six Ways to Wellbeing Workshop - DARWIN

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