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Change Lab Series

If you're human (and we're hoping you are!), the chances are that you have a lot of mixed feelings about change.

The prospect of some changes probably leaves your gut churning, makes your hands suddenly sweaty, and
floods your brain with feelings of fear. While the potential of other changes might fill your heart with hope, put a
bounce of excitement in your step, and ignite your imagination with joyful possibilities.
The truth is that no matter how you feel about a change, it comes loaded with uncertainty, and this makes
navigating change messy.

If, like us, you've spent far too much of your life personally and professionally trying to circumvent the messiness
and discomfort of change, then reading this e-book is going to save you a lot of wasted time and energy.
Spoiler alert there are really good evidence-based reasons you want to embrace the MESS of change.
But don't worry! We're also going to give you some MAGIC evidence-based tools to help you more confidently
navigate the complexity and uncertainty that change so often brings.

We've researched, studied, surveyed, and distilled the best of all the knowledge we could find from
neuroscience, positive psychology, and systems science to AMPlify your ability to create positive change
outcomes for yourself and others.

Let's start by getting MESSy together.

  • Make the science of positive change accessible and actionable by teaching people how to create tiny change habits that amplify their capabilities, confidence and commitment to navigate the MESSy reality of change.

  • Design psychologically safe coaching conversations for groups using our MAGIC evidence-based tools to more effectively, joyfully, and sustainably co-create positive changes with even the most cynical and reluctant people.

  • Build thriving workplaces, schools and communities by taking a strengths-based, Appreciative Inquiry approach that fuel belonging, bolster resilience and improve outcomes.


Venue:Mantra on the Esplanade Darwin
Venue Address:88 The Explanade, Darwin
Starting:1:30 PM
Wednesday 9th February 2022
Ending:5:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:0416 01 07 01
Email Enquiries:

How to Create Positive Change Workshop - DARWIN

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