Preparing to complete the online

Behavioural Analysis Questionnaire

Instructions to Delegates


  • Complete the questionnaire in your natural language - usually the language you first arnt to speak fluently as a chid, or the language you "think in"


  • Complete the questionnaire as you see yourself, if you get stuck, think about your current work role and environment.
  • There are no "right" or "wrong", nor "good" or "bad" answers.
  • Please take care to enter your name in the correct order.
  • Answer the questions in order.
  • Answer the question as you see yourself not as you wish to be seen.
  • Do not return to a previously answered question.
  • Always answer both components (what describes you the most and the least) before moving to the next question.
  • Do not ponder the questions too much. Answering the whole questionnaire should take only 8 to 11 minutes. Select the answer that first feels right.
  • Complete the questionnaire without interruptions. Do not  do something else or talk with someone during the process.
  • Complete the questionnaire quickly, but not hastily.
  • Do not attempt to influence the results; you will only confuse yourself and invalidate the results.


About Your Report  . . .


  • Describes the person's natural reaction mode or behavioural style in different situations
  • Is a behavioral inventory based on self-evaluation
  • Measures natural behavioral styles
  • Does not classify people into good or bad
  • Does not limit a person's ability to develop in another direction or work environment
  • Does not give high or low scores or in any other way classify people into better or worse
  • Does not measure intelligence, professional skills, or attitudes

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