Driven logo home 03c034553b770dfa60637afa40a01c5362f762279c5b10c3b03930165db610e5 is a virtual resilience coach.

Artificial intelligence meets narrative design.

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Easy, Familiar Interaction

Driven talks to you through a simple message interface.

Just keep talking.

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Find Useful Skills

Your training is prioritised based on what is most useful to you, guiding you to relevant skills.

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Helps You in the Moment

Feeling stressed? Need to calm down? Driven guides you to useful techniques when you need it.

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Your Resilience Guru

Experience a holistic mind/body resilience curriculum with over 200 daily chats and resources.

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Narrative-Driven Intelligence

Driven combines artificial intelligence with choose-your-own-adven- ture style narrative training to create the first Narrative-Driven Intelligence resilience coach.

Just Say Hello Driven Daily

With over 200 daily chats, Driven teaches you a comprehensive set of skills to become resilient and achieve your goals. It's simple:

  1. Measure your resilience to find your focus areas.
  2. Say Hello Driven every day to track your progress and practise resilience skills.
  3. Track your goals and get more out of life!

Say Hello

Get in touch to see how Driven can help.