What our clients say . . .

"Talent Tools are THE people to turn to when you are looking to enhance your people's performance!"


"I know from personal experience that not only do they provide thorough and practical training in their chosen tools and applications, but the ongoing, when needed, support and customer service ensure that implementation is both easy and complete."


"I would recommend Sharon Hudson and Talent Tools to any individual or organisation looking to improve the performance of their staff."



     wholesale the best available Human Resource workplace well-being and productivity tools on the planet.

     provide accreditation training to enable HR professionals like you to utilise the tools yourself

in your organisation or business.

     provide free ongoing support to ensure you achieve success using our products.


Our Tools

DISC, Extended DISC Reports, Training & Accreditation

Strengthscope, Strengths, Strengths at Work, Reports, Training & Accreditation

Behavioural 360, Performance 360, 360 Reviews, 360 Feedback, 360 Reports,  Training & Accreditation

Emotional Intelligence at Talent Tools

Conflict Dynamics Profile, Conflict Resolution, Workplace Conflict, Conflict Management, Reports, Training & Accreditation

Our Memberships



Our Talent Lab has over the past 10 years been researching and testing to identify world class state-of-the-art workplace productivity and well-being tools suitable for the professional Human Resource market This is an
ongoing process, as all "Talent Tools" must be subject to ongoing research and development to maintain their bleeding edge.

When you use Talent Tools in your business, organisation or consultancy you know you are using the best available Human Resource tools in the world.

All of our profiling and assessment tools have been selected after exhaustive market comparrisions, and have been identified, not only as world class, but also the best available tool of its kind for the workplace environment.

Each of our products has been individually and independently, scientifically and pragmatically, tested to ensure  the best possible validation and reliability standards are achieved.

All of our facilitators, consultants and trainers are experts in the individual products, and highly experienced in and their applications in a wide range of workplace environments and industries.

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