Predictive Resilience Profile & BuildR Resilience Training

PR^ Predictive Resilience Profile at Talent Tools

A cutting-edge microlearning platform that measures resilience and then develops personal resilience.

Whether you have 5 people or 50,000, our platform is scalable, customisable and will build measurable resilience in your people We provide innovative resilience training to businesses.


PR^ Predictive Resilience Profile at Talent Tools

We provide innovative resilience training to businesses.

A deep understanding of neuroscience and psychology has led us to develop a platform that is uniquely suited to build resilience in the workplace. Not only that, we measure results and quantify benefits.


What makes us unique

Neuro-Enabled Training and Coaching

Specifically and scientifically designed to build healthy neural patterns

Quantifiable Improvement

Reliable measurement with insightful and actionable reporting

Beyond Positive Psychology

Sustainable improvement through second-wave integrated psychology

Always Accessible

Cloud-based and optimised for use on any device, anywhere

Tailored to Suit You

Flexible solutions that integrate with existing systems and wellbeing programmes

Infinitely Scalable

Powerful for both the largest and smallest organisations


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Resilient people create Thriving Organisations with Talent Tools

An investment in the wellbeing of your people is an investment in your organisation.

Our integrated platform combines unique approaches to create the most effective and efficient investment in wellbeing available.
Our analysis allows you to quantify benefit realisation to prove investment return.


Partner with Talent Tools to advance the resilience of people and create thriving organisations and communities.


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