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Continuous and live employee feedback!

Talent Pulse provides real time online feedback that makes it easy for you to gauge what your employees really think and feel, right now!

You can gather feedback on any topic or issue, and have constant and continuous access to up to the minute, easy to read graphical results, from an unlimited number of respondents.

Talent Pulse is easy to use and produces immediate LIVE online results from feedback provided by clients, customers, perspective clients, employees, team members, the general public - ANYONE  ANYWHERE  24/7.

Because it captures and supplies feedback instantaneously, the reports provide you with vital feedback that can be acted on immediately - while it is still relevant.

Developed very recently in Denmark, and just now launched now in Austtralia,Talent Pulse has many applications and is realistically priced to deliver great ROI.

Talent Pulse is an online evaluation and survey tool to gather feedback from employees (and/or Clients) enabling you to measure the current status of your critical organisational imperatives.

How your employee really feel, right now, about their stress levels, KPI's, project acceptance, change fatique, percived workloads, values in action, leadership effectiveness.

Talent Pulse Features:

  •  Simple and quick to set up
  •  Content customised to your, or your client's needs
  •  Can be branded with your or your client's logo
  •  Measurement focus can be changed at any time
  •  Responses are anonymous
  •  can take less than 30 seconds of your employee's time to complete
  •  Feedback information is continuously available and easy to share

The benefits for your organisation are:

  •  Facilitates timely response to any potential improvement and/or development areas
  •  Simplicity and immediacy of system results in high participation
  •  Flexibility and self-management of content
  •  Very cost effective, no lock-in, month to month or fixed term
  •  Ensures organisation operating at optimum levels


Two versions are available:

Talent Pulse Check

Purpose:  to measure employee's experience of an event, internal services or opinion of successful implementation of new initiatives, policies or procedures.  

The POLL version is very brief and specific in its purpose and target group/s.

Cost is based per poll, on a monthly basis.

Unlimited number of responders.

The Customer Feedback allows 6 measurement questions plus demographic information and
an optional open question. The open question can be used to gather contact details however
this naturally no longer makes the system anonymous.

There are two methods of data collection available, which can be used simultaneously.

A.  Use a ipad or tablet to gather responses at the point of service

B   Provide the url link to responders to access with their own device

There is no limit to the number of responses and feedback is processed instantly with results
available immediately.

FREE set-up and a single easy monthly payment. Price starts from $110 per month. 

No training is required, as it is so easy to use direct from your cloud account. Online and phone support is provided at no cost. So, you can manage it in-house, or let us look after it for you!


Talent Pulse Monitor

The Employee Feedback version automatically emails short, customised questions to a survey group/sample population at a frequency of choice which can be amended at any time. If employees don't have their own email address, we can enable them to log into the system through any internet device using an access code.

The system can take up to 10,000 emails so this tool can be used to gather feedback from a client base as well. The system allows 6 questions for your measurement focus, with the option of an additional open question if desired. Pricing for this is negotiated according to the number of respondents using the system.

Gather feedback from employees (or clients) on the focus area of your choice - monitor the pulse of the business.

The 360 version is best for analytics feedback for multiple groups of employees, clients or even the general public.

  • Company Management
  • Individual Departments (break down your sectors, departments or branches to measure and compare each individual area)
  • Internal Communication (e.g. with management or within a team or branch)
  • Work-life balance
  • Work satisfaction and engagement levels
  • Perceived stress levels
  • Time management

Can also be applied to a client (rather than employee) database


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