Talent Tools Accredited

Professional HR Accreditation and Certification Training Options

for Talent (HR) Professionals      


Looking for training programmes and workshops for your People?



Internationally Recognised Accreditation

World-Class Product Setting New Standards in DISC Technology

Professional Assessment System


Extended DISC Accreditation - Talent ToolsExtended DISC powered by the new FinxS Platform - Talent Tools

Highest Validity & Reliability

Fully Customisable in Branding and Report Content

Suitable for Professional HR Applications and Individual Career Decisions


Accreditation Requirements

Level One - Accredited Practitioner


One-Day Training
Two Debrief Coaching Sessions


Level Two - Accredited Consultant

Accredited Practitioner
Demonstrated Competence in Debriefing Reports

An Additional Two Days of Extended DISC Consultant Training






Talent Tools Proprietary DISC Products

Choose from a range of Standard Reports

Purchase Online as Required

eDISC Certification - Talent Tools
For the Budget Conscious
Suitable for Workshop Participants

disc-lite Certification - Talent Tools

 Accreditation Requirements

Half-Day Workshop


For when you want to deliver fun
DISC edu-tainment sessions


Take Flight with DISC - Talent Tools

A Complete Workshop Facilitator Package

includes Reinforcement Kit for
back at the workplace

Taking Flight With DISC Workshops & Train-the-Trainer  - Talent Tools

Accreditation Requirements

Taking Flight with DISC Workshop Facilitator Certification
or as part of your Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner Certification


STRENGTHS and Positive Psychology

Strengthscope Accredited Practitioner

Strengthscope Accreditation - Talent Tools

Accreditation Requirements

One-Day Accreditation Workshop




PR6 Accredited Practitioner

Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale
and Resilience Trainer/Coach

Accreditation Requirements

One-Day Workshop

360-Degree Feedback 

Talent 360 Certification Training


Talent 360-Degee Feedback Surveys, Reports and Accreditation Training - Talent Tools

Accreditation Requirements

Talent 360 Certified Consultant

One-Day Certification Training

Talent 360 System Administrator Training

4 Hours Training
Undertaken in 3 Practical Online Sessions 



Engagement and Alignment

Certified iREAP Practitioner

Accreditation Requirements

Accreditation and current experience
working with profiles and assessments

Self-Paced Independent Learning
Approximately 3 Hours




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