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360-degree feedback is used to measure skills, competencies or behaviours in an organisation. It commonly combines

an individual's self-assessment and feedback from peers subordinates and management, in one report.

Results are usually presented anonymously on an individual, a team or division, or at an organisational level but can also be used for open and transparent dialogue to occur - usually with the assistance of a trained facilitator.

360 Feedback at Talent Tools

   The 360 Process

360 degree feedback at Talent Tools





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Become a 360 Accredited Consultant Become a 360-Degree Certified Consultant
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This one day program is for HR Profesionals, Consultants, Trainers, Coaches and Managers and gives expertise in the use of 360 feedback in organisations for individual, team and organisational development.

On completion of the course you will become a certified user of Talent Tools 360° Feedback, Assessment & Appraisal System, enabling you to use the unique 360° questionnaires and reports with your staff or clients, at wholesale prices.

This course will enable you to successfully introduce, facilitate and implement 360° programs for your clients or in your organisation.

360 feedback at Talent Tools

You will learn how to:

  • identify opportunities to use 360 appraisals, such as performance management, organisational development, change initiatives
  • present 360 to prospective clients, organisations and candidates to achieve buy-in
  • determine the most appropriate 360 instrument for the purpose
  • customise, tailor and develop 360 questionnaires
  • roll out the 360° processas
  • interpret and provide feedback 360°
  • provide follow-up, post-intervention to your clients
  • add value and win additional business disigning and implmenting solutions to any issues identified by or through the process.


What's Included:

  • Your own Talent 360 is conducted prior to the training, and as part of the course you will use your report to work through
  • You will also receive a comprehensive manual
  • Resource USB memory stick loaded with compency sets, templates, tools and presentationswhich you will be able to customise and use freely in your organisation or with your clients
  • The Day is fully catered.


Following Accrediation:

  • Accreditation Certificate
  • Access to Reports at Wholesale Prices
  • Ongoing Support

About Talent 360


360s are commonly used for a variety of corporate purposes, including:

  • providing a basis for focused discussions in performance appraisals
  • valuable insight tool for coaching sessions
  • ssess self, team or organisational development toward goals
  • determine leadership / management effectiveness
  • guage the uptake of corporate initiatives, such as demonstrating corporate values
  • evaluation of outcomes of training programs
  • identify training and development needs
  • pre and post testing of initiatives or development outcomes
  • identify "bright young things," quiet achievers and talent potential
  • career and succession planning


The Talent 360TM is the survey style 360 using a questionnaire of competency sets and a likert rating scale, providing:
  • easy to read report style with coloured graphics providing precise information of strengths and weaknessescompare candidates own rating with those of raters
  • the 360 feedback questionnaires can be accessed within minutes by the participants and raters
  • candidates and raters can login any time at any location, providing an easy assess to the system
  • choose from our range of 360 "off-the-shel"' reports, customise our shelf products, or provide your own 360 questionnaire. or we can design one for you
  • customise questionnaires to your client or staff competencies and tailor to specific specifications.
  • leading edge technology
  • extremely cost-effective with attractive margin opportunities
  • International on-line platform, user-friendly and easy for candidates to use, with straight-forward instructions provided via email and onscreen
  • online and telephone support available when and if needed.


For more information please contact Talent Tools on 1800 768 569  or outside Australia on 61 7 3103 0177 or just email us!

This training is cost effective to run in-house when you have 3 or more participants. Contact Us for a Quote.


Talent Tools 360 Degree Reports Consultancy Services360 Degree Project Consultancy Services

Talent Tools trained consultants can design, develop and implement your complete 360 degree initiative. We can simply provide the 360 degree survey platform to conduct your survey, Or you may prefer to have us available just to provide guidance or assistance as you need it.


You can choose any combination of our 360 degree consultancy services:360 degree tools at talent tools

  • Scope and cost the project
  • Identify the desired outcomes
  • Design  the 360 degree initiative to achieve identified outcomes
  • Develop initiative implementation plan
  • Design, develop and test the survey instrument
  • Design, develop and test the survey methodology
  • Provide project communication organisation wide
  • Manage the survey process
  • Produce individual 360 Reports
  • Provide feedback to individuals
  • Facilitate group feedback sessions
  • Prepare managers to provide feedback to their staff
  • Identify developmental needs at the individual, team and organisational level
  • Organise ongoing developmental training and/or coaching
  • Conduct an evaluation of the entire project process and achievement of identified outcomes
  • Make recommendations for subsequent 360 initiatives. 


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