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Adaptability is the key capability for high-functioning teams and successful implementation of transformational strategic agendas


Create a high-functioning team driven by agility, adaptability and mutual accountability

Our suite of tools is the only human performance diagnostic tools on the market that will map the capability of your team against the capability needs of your business so that you will have the data you need to make informed decisions on where to target development initiatives to support your strategic objectives. Dynamic businesses that value the importance of creating teams that can adapt to the pace of change require human data around thought capability in order to know where to target development spend and how best to utilise their greatest asset; their people.

Our suite of tools is designed for the modern world and ideal for transformational leaders seeking to implement an ambitious strategy requiring their team to have agile and adaptable thinking.

Thought Code Individual at Talent Tools


Our individual profiling tool maps each team members unique thought pattern. It is the only tool on the market is able to accurately detail how an individual thinks, uncovering their decision-making, problem-solving, communication, action and conflict management styles. Based on the data captured a development plan is provided ensuring strengths are capitalised and relevant gaps are addressed.

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Thought Code Team at Talent Tools


Our team profiling tool combines individual profiles of a group of individuals to create the thought pattern representative of the team. This data helps managers and leaders to know the core patterns in thinking throughout the team, where their thinking is strong, where it is weak and the collective impact of their individual thinking to how they make decisions, solve problems, communicate, behave and manage conflict.

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Thought Code 360 at Talent Tools


Our 360-degree profiling tool provides capability based feedback invaluable for generating robust, open and honest development discussions. Peers, managers and direct reports will answer questions and provide feedback focused around the individual's capability to lead self, others and the business. Individuals can utilise this knowledge to assess the extent to which they are performing to the level desired and becoming the leader they may wish to be.

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Thought Code Orhanisational at Talent Tools


Our organisational profiling tool uncovers pressure points that exist within the business or group and brings to light areas of misalignment amongst the leadership team uncovering opportunities for growth, innovation and improvement. By understanding the phase of growth the organisation is going through provides valuable insight into where to focus development spend for the greatest return in order to achieve strategic objectives. 

Thought Code Capability Matrixl at Talent Tools


Our capability matrix profiling tool is our crowning jewel. Unmatched in the market it maps the individual profiles of the team against the needs of the business to determine areas of alignment and misalignment around the capability of your team and the capability the business needs to grow. It is the only tool in the market capable of uncovering the degree of capability match between human resources and business needs, providing leaders with the data it needs to make targeted and informed decisions around recruitment, development, talent and leadership strategies. Learn more


Quite often what holds businesses back is ineffective thinking. Success in business is knowing how to adapt your thinking to make the best use of all resources at each phase of business growth. It's time to shift your focus.

For where your business is at right now you may be experiencing pressure points around recruitment, sales or results.

Perhaps over time your business has developed siloed thinking, operational inefficiencies or culture challenges.

It may be you need to cultivate creative thinking to drive innovation, streamline to deliver repeatable and scalable results or explore how to shift into the next gear to expand your business.

As a business grows it faces new challenges that require new thinking to identify workable and targeted solutions. Whatever your particular challenge may be and wherever you are experiencing pressure points it is important you have the critical information you need to help you identify solutions that can solve your problems.

Get the data you need on the thought capability of your team so that you will know if you have the right mix of thinking to match what your business needs to deliver results, grow and thrive.


Our suite of profile tools create tangible improvements in capability


We have been able to measure improvements in individual capability based on both quantitative and qualitative feedback from program participants, across 15 key dimensions. Improvements were felt and observed within 6 to 12 months ensuring changes were embedded through action.

Capability improvements at an individual level create ripple effects impacting team dynamics.

There is a greater understanding, appreciation and utilisation of individual strengths whilst creating a supportive atmosphere for individual growth.


When shifts are made are both the individual and team level transformation becomes possible throughout the organisation as a whole. Shifts in culture can be made with long term viability and agility becomes a tangible outcome rather than a buzz word.


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Case study theme:
Culture and Teamwork

Case study theme:
Recruitment and Leadership

Case study theme:
Sales and Marketing

Large Asia Pacific based business wanted to shift the thinking of its Executive and Middle Managers to be more collaborative and strategic to drive higher team engagement and enable growth in new regions.

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When shifts are made are both the individual and team level transformation becomes possible throughout the organisation as a whole. Shifts in culture can be made with long term viability and agility becomes a tangible outcome rather than a buzz word.

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Leadership team struggling to drive sales and identify new marketing strategies and approaches to test in the market. Business growth had halted and blocks in creative thinking were present.


Case study theme:
Ownership and Accountability

Case study theme:
Trust & Engagement

Case study theme:
Productivity and Efficiency

Global manufacturing company facing a lack of leadership, ownership and accountability at the senior management level. Too much time and focus spent on day to day operations at expense of strategic outcomes.

National business with high levels of disengagement and siloed thinking across all levels of management. Resulting in the business operating as separate units with lack of alignment around the common outcome.

Business owner struggling to drive replicable results through her business due to an inability to implement operational structures and systems to drive high levels of productivity and efficiency

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Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

- Stephen Hawking


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