The Thought Code® suite of tools are a set of capability based profiling tools designed to uncover and map an individual's cognitive abilities.

Our tools are based around a core model containing:           

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  • 3 Capability Growth Phases
  • 7 Thought Capability Dimensions
  • 12-15 Sub-Dimensions within each Thought Capability
  • 101 Core Capabilities


We are an Australian based company, passionate about helping people, teams and companies to become more adaptable, agile and accountable. In this constantly ever-changing world, the ability to utilise individual and team capability strengths is critical for businesses seeking to remain relevant.

Our profiling tools focus on thought capability because it is a person's cognitive ability that enables them to carry out any task from the simplest to the most complex. By focusing on thought capability we can target development and hone strengths that have a direct and powerful impact on how a person makes decisions, solves problems, communicates, behaves, processes emotions, and manages conflict - in essence, how a person functions.

We are the only profiling tools in the market that links human capability to business capability. As a business grows and evolves it requires different human capability. A business in the start up phase requires very different thought capability to that of a more mature business.

Our profiling tools have the inbuilt intelligence to identify which capabilities are required by your business and available in your team giving you the strategic data you need to make smart, informed and targeted decisions around recruitment, development, talent and leadership.

Our suite of tools are designed for the modern world and ideal for transformational leaders seeking to implement an ambitious strategy requiring their team to have agile and adaptable thinking.


  • Our individual profiling tool maps each team member's unique thought pattern. It is the only tool on the market able to accurately detail how an individual thinks, uncovering their decision-making, problem solving, communication, action and conflict management styles. along with targeted development areas covering 101 capabilities (develop, improve, refine).
  • Our talent finder tool is utilised for both recruitment purposes and talent identification. It plots the level of over- or under-utilisation of 21 core capabilities central to a high performance. Providing insights into capability strengths, culture fit and motivational drivers, the profile provides information about an individual not easily uncovered through discussions and provides a frank and honest summary to assist in informing decisions of fit between an individual, a team and business.  
  • Our leader profiling tool provides insights into a leader's strengths and development gaps, motivational driver, key values influencing the culture of the team/business and current degree of work life balance. Delivering you and your client the information needed to adapt and adjust their leadership style to best fit the teams and the businesses needs.  
  • Our team profiling tool combines individual profiles of a group of individuals to create the thought pattern representative of the team. It provides a summary of how the team, as a collective unit, thinks as a group. The report will indicate the teams pattern of thinking influencing how best to motivate, reward and engage with that team.  
  • Through this tool, individuals will receive valuable and targeted feedback on their performance and will uncover the level of alignment between perceived self-capability and the perception of their manager, peers and reports. Questions are capability based and responses are anonymous and confidential. Individuals can utilise this knowledge to assess the extent to which they are performing to the level desired and becoming the leader they may wish to be  

Individual Measures

Connection (Self) - Knowing how to manage time, set priorities and establish clear boundaries sets a solid foundation for an individual to thrive in the workplace

Connection (Others) - Having the ability to connect with other people, form relationships and engage in supportive ways is the first step towards creating workable teams

Power - Being willing and capable of having an opinion, expressing ideas and challenging the status quo are essential qualities for individuals seeking to manage and lead others

Independence (Self) - Learning how to construct solid plans based on short term and long term needs, directing teams of people and effective utilisation of structure and systems is required of anyone operating in a growing business

Independence (Others) - Developing the ability to brainstorm solutions, establish success criteria and influence others to drive results is essential for facilitating growth in individuals and the business and to enable innovation to occur

Contribution (Self) - Embracing the diversity present in the workplace and learning how to collaborate effectively is the stepping stone towards cultivating a culture centered around a meaningful set of values

Contribution (Others) - Knowing how to be agile, adaptable and flexible provides a framework for teams and businesses to adjust to the changing needs of the market enabling a business to thrive and stay relevant

Business Impact

  • Make timely decisions with key resources, maximise revenue generation, attract and retain clients, engage and communicate with key stakeholders, enable clear and effective marketing and sales strategies and drive strong current and future leadership potential.
  • Implement and utilise functional and relevant systems and processes, manage risk appropriately, obtain a strategic advantage, drive productivity and a focus on results generation, and facilitate growth through leverage and innovation.
  • Establish and cultivate a meaningful culture that people value, set a clear vision from which to drive business goals and actions, and create an environment that is responsive to market, financial, and consumer feedback enabling it to stay relevant and profitable.
  • Performance and development on a once-off or ongoing basis built into annual performance and development discussions
  • Talent identification, development and management
  • Recruitment considerations to determine fit and development support of shortlisted candidates
  • Leadership insight, awareness and development to ensure alignment with team and business needs


  • Discover the pressure points that exist within your clients business or department, bring to light areas of misalignment among the leadership team and uncover opportunities for improvement at the team and department level. Each phase of business growth is explored to identify specific areas that are working well and those that have been overlooked and need attention.
  • Map the individual profiles of the team against the needs of the business to determine areas of alignment and misalignment around the capability of the team and the capability the business needs to grow. This is the only tool on the market that maps the capability of individuals to the capability needed by the business for its growth.  

Business Measures

Seed Phase - Ability to generate revenue through action focusing on client attraction, sales, production and delivery

Evolution Phase - Ability to generate revenue through relationships focusing on client retention, stakeholder management and communication, and customer service

Growth Phase - Ability to generate revenue through clear differentiation focusing on marketing and branding, sales and advertising, and leadership

Maturity Phase - Ability to generate revenue through repeatable systems and processes focusing on financial management, system and process improvements, and organisational structure

Hyper-Growth Phase - Ability to generate revenue through growth opportunities focusing on innovation, risk management, research and development

Maximise Phase - Ability to generate revenue through culture focusing on mission, vision and values integration, agility and change management

Revolution Phase - Ability to generate revenue through legacy focusing on reinvention, trend setting and market shifts


Strategic Impact

  • Understand where the business is performing well and areas that may have been overlooked that need addressing so leaders can make strategic decisions around where to put energy, attention and focus to enable the business and team to grow and thrive
  • Uncover the connection between individual strength at the leadership level and business performance to know how to adjust leadership approach to overcome blockages in the way of business outcomes
  • Discover the capability alignment of the team to the capability required by the business so leaders can make key decisions around the actions required to position their human capital to support business growth objectives both now and in the future

  • Implement a targeted strategy for growth to future the business
  • Developing leaders and identifying talent best suited and aligned to leading the business through its current and future growth phases
  • Recruiting candidates with the ideal mix of capability to compliment current capability or address gaps in capability within the business
  • Targeted development initiatives designed to build the exact capability needed in the business rather than wasting valuable development spend on hot topics

Businesses value consultants that are practical and not conceptual in nature. They want specialists not generalists and they want someone to help cut through the noise and be willing to tell them what to do nexta tangible next step to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Our solutions are designed to compliment and easily fit into current programs to help consultants deliver additional value to clients.

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