Talent Surveys

Talent Surveys collect individual opinions objectively and organise the results in a format that best suits the requirements of each individual stakeholder or stakeholder group.   

Talent Tools provides a range of survey implementation Solutions:

  1. Totally automated turnkey Talent Surveys
  2. Customised Talent Surveys and customised reporting
  3. Your Questionnaire, our Cloud Survey Platform to administer and report
  4. Bespoke Project Management Talent Survey
  5. Consultant / Corporate Training and Support

Each of these solutions can be outsourced to Talent Tools, or conducted in-house, with training and or support from Talent Tools.

Our "in the clouds" Talent Survey platform, has been designed specifically for the workplace environment. When you are ready to get the survey monkey off your back and go professional, use the survey platform that other professionals use.  Talent Surveys is the survey of choice of professional HR and Management Consultants, internal and external alike.

Whether it's a Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement, Training Needs Analysis or any type of survey at all, Talent Surveys will deliver a user-friendly questionnaire generator, robust analytical power to "crunch your data" and then you can even generate a range of reports choosing from tables, a selection of graphical representations of your results, as well as free text.

Survey a team or an entire organisation or sector. It is easy to customise both the content of your questionnaire and even to brand it with your corporate colours and logo. You can use one of our prepared Talent Survey Questionnaires, start with one of ours and brand and alter it to fit your requirements. Of course, you can use your own questionnaire.

You can have as many question groups and questions as you like. You can also have as many respondent groups and responders as you need.

Our built in fully automated administration centre makes the data collection process simple and cost-effective,

When it comes to the distribution of survey results, you are not confined to a single, static templated report. You can generate reports with different content, look and feel to ensure every stakeholder and stakeholder group receives the resulting information they need, the way they want it. The versatility of Talent Surveys reporting system enables the responses can be grouped by organisational division (what do the sales staff and administration team think, compared to each other and to the management perspective) geographical locations (Victoria office views compared to Queensland,) or you can look at the results individual for each respondent group.


Talent Surveys:

  • customer satisfaction
  • customer opinions
  • customer research
  • customer service support
  • market research surveys
  • employee satisfaction
  • employee engagement
  • employee opinion
  • employee initiatives
  • organisational climate surveys
  • team management and alignment surveys 

Talent Survey Features:

  • customisable answering interface
  • customisable questionnaires to reflect your band
  • unlimited number of  question groups and questions
  • full range of questions types i.e. Likert Scale, open-ended, multiple-choice, single-choice, radio buttons, drop down selections, and more
  • Unlimited response groups and respondents
  • built in system administration back-end
  • optional invitation, reminder and thank you email sent to respondents
  • range of  graphical representation of results (tables and various graphs)
  • print multiple reports for different audiences at no additional cost

Contact us for a preliminary proposal for your next survey initiative, we will creating a specific survey that's right for you.