Taking Flight with DISC

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Innovation: this is something that is often the result of reinvention. If someone were to ask you what DISC style you are, you would most likely refer back to your previous workbook to see what letter you are.  Would you say you are a "D"?  Dominant and decisive.  Once you have been immersed in Take Flight Learning's DISC training program, you'll take your style a step further and say you are an "Eagle".   You are independent, direct and soar high aboveseeing everything! 

And that is the reason Take Flight Learning's DISC training program stands apart from others, we have reinvented the DISC model! 

A New Take On An Old Way Of Thinking
The DISC theory was founded by psychologist William Moulton Marston during the mid-1920s. Over the years, the theory evolved to become a training and personality assessment tool that businesses around the globe use to increase workflow and establish better communication between individuals and departments. But, like many tools of the past, this method of training became mundane and boring.
And that's when Merrick Rosenberg, founder of Take Flight Learning, decided to reinvent the DISC model by embodying the DISC traits - Dominant, Interactive, Supportive, and Conscientious into four birds- the Eagle, the Parrot, the Dove and the Owl.   

Why four birds?
According to Rosenberg, "I chose the birds because they are visual. The visual nature of the birds provided a metaphor for helping people to understand the four styles and remember them. When people walked into one of my sessions I found that they could easily identify with a bird over just a letter." Inevitably, the birds were also chosen because they embodied the traits of the four styles. If you would like to hear more about why it was decided to relate birds to the four DISC styles, this YouTube video explains it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFKK8Uu3OsI

What do our clients think about this new method?
Every consultant who has seen and experienced the energy exhibited at our training sessions has come on board. We have even turned people with years of experience attending DISC style training sessions as well as those who speak about the topic, into lifelong fans.

What can you take away from our DISC style training sessions?
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they treat others the way they want to be treated. At our sessions, individuals will learn how to treat others the way they should be treated according to their DISC personality type.  We don't spend the day teaching the model.   We teach the application.   You'll learn how to utilize the styles when presenting, coaching, dealing with conflict and communicating with peers, leaders and clients.  The sessions are interactive and we will provide you with valuable resources and tools that will help to reinforce the learning and encourage the application of new insights and skills.

Our DISC style of training extends beyond the corporate atmosphere!
The mission of Take Flight Learning is to have participants apply what they have learned during our DISC training sessions not only to their business relationships, but to those that they have in their personal lives as well. Therefore, we believe that one of other things that separates our approach from others is that individuals will learn how to apply this way of thinking in more than just one area of their lives.

At Talent Tools, we seek to help everyone understand the basics of human behaviour so they can use this knowledge to build better relationships all around. Now that's innovation!

See our In-house and Public Taking Flight with DISC Workshops