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FinxS is an exciting new profiling and feedback operating system

FinxS gives you the freedom to create, view and modify content; create multiple sub-users; order reports and value-added products; and even create multi-tool reports that combine behavioural assessments with Open 360 feedback and even Survey results together. FinxS provides an exciting new platform for HR specialist, business consultants, change managers, trainers and coaches to add value to their client offerings.

FinxS provides many set-up options:

  •  keep it simple with our pre-tailored report formats and we will brand them for you free of charge
  •  have us design report/s specifically for you - our unique "made-to-measure" option
  •  be trained in the system so you can design and develop your own bespoke and custom reports for your organisation or clients


Compare our Features


Combine Reports

The power of  FinxS is exemplified in its ability to combine the data collected from different assessment tools, into the ONE comprehensive report.

You are in the driver's seat, choosing the specific data you are interested in collating and comparing. 

Typically utilised by larger business because of FinxS capacity to deal with large volumes of data, Combination Reports can be a valuable addition to the services provided by Change Managers, HR or Business Consultants. Coaches and Trainers.


Create Your Own Questionnaires

Design your own 360-degree feedback questionnaires and employee or customer Surveys to focus on the important issues for your business.

You are in the driver's seat and once you have had some practice, you'll be free to design as you like. In the meantime, let us take the hassle out by doing it for you. Ask us how.


Analysis Reports in over 60 languages

There are over 60 languages available for respondents to answer the questionnaires in. The top 5 languages spoken in Australasia are covered in this selection. The reports are printed in English, however, you can add additional language reporting options and print them in any of the available languages. And this is FREE. 

Varied Behavioural Styles

FinxS recognises 160 different behavioural styles to ensure consistency and validity.

Your Business Benefits

Fast & Easy to Use

One of the primary attributes of FinxS is its ease of use and speed in delivering results. View results in your email inbox instantly or play with the data in Open Preview to uncover insights into your people quickly and then print off the report that suits you best. Again, there is no charge for printing additional reports once the person's data has been analysed by FinxS.


The greatest power of FinxS lies in its flexibility. You are free to customise reports to meet your needs in terms of format, content and branding.

You can also combine the data collected from various assessment tools, into ONE comprehensive and targeted report.

You are in the driver's seat, choosing the specific data you are interested in collating and comparing. 


What's in a Standard Behavioural Analysis Report?

FinxS Behavioual Analysis Reports can be customised to include only the pages you or your client require. They can be modified to apply in any order and can also be branded to suit your company look.

Talent Tools have developed a Standard FinxS Behavioural Analysis Report to provide you with a quick and comprehensive solution. The standard report includes:

  • Reading Instructions
  • Styles and the Extended DISC Diamond
  • Extended DISC Profile
  • Flexibility Zones
  • Motivators
  • Strengths
  • Situations that reduce motivation
  • Development Areas
  • How you may come across to others
  • How you are in a team environment
  • How you may work within a team
  • Competencies related to time management, communication and management/leadership
  • Causes of Stress
  • Signs of Stress
  • Stress Release
  • Behavioural Styles and job roles
  • Questions relating to the person's expressed emotions
  • Questions relating to the person's role.


For Individuals, Teams and whole Organisations

Reduce staff turnover by identifying employees who are losing motivation or are unhappy or uncertain about their roles

  • Keep staff motivated by identifying what motivates each employee
  • Improve team dynamics by understanding each others' styles, ways of working and communicating

Recruitment made easier and Retention more likely

  • Improved hiring decisions by identifying the most suitable candidate through initial employee testing
  • Increase productivity by placing the right person with the right job by using our individual behavioural analysis as your recruitment assessment tool
  • continue using this analysis for onboarding and team bonding.


The online Extended DISC questionnaire was developed on the basis of extensive research and theory on the many varieties of 'normal' human behaviour and how that could be more easily understood on the basis of a four-quadrant model. Extended DISC took the development of this profiling tool further, with a strong focus on utilising it for professional (and personal) development of people at work.

The instrument (questionnaire) and the computerised statistical analysis of the Extended DISC system have been extensively and independently tested. The results prove that Extended DISC system has very high validity and reliability.

The standardised reports generated by the Extended DISC Online System (EDOS) are easy to read and provide excellent intelligence and guidance for respondents.  EDOS reports are easy to order, quickly received and extremely cost effective.

However, In this technological age, "fast, cheap and easy" are still necessary - but they are not enough. The reporting platform also needs to be flexible and have the ability to be customised, so the FinxS Operating and Reporting System was launched just a couple of years ago.

FinxS generated reports enable us to maximise the benefits of profiling. Customised reports are just the beginning, of the exciting new advances in talent profiling now available with FinxS. FinxS houses a growing database of close to 2000 competencies and is capable of generating over 200 million different text combinations in its reports. FinxS has taken employee profiling to a whole new level providing new insights into individuals. work pairs and teams. 

FinxS has launched the new FinxS Executive Platform to enable search and discovery of your organisation's Talent capability. More information coming soon ... 

FinxS and EDOS generated Extended DISC Reports available at wholesale prices at Talent Tools.  



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