Accreditation Overview

Not all our our tools require accreditation. 

I am a Qualified  Practitioner. Do I need accreditation or certification?

Qualified practitioners can be exempt from some of our Talent Tools accreditation or certification training. Please click here for more information.

However, we do highly recommend our accreditation programs to qualified practitioners, and we will ofte work one-on-one with you to ensure you understand the nuances of the tool so you are able to apply your previously acquired knowledge and optimise your benefits available through our tools. We also take you through the system administration and help you customise and brand our reports where applicable. We recognise your prior learning in both your time and cost investments in accreditation.

Why Get Certified?

  • Give yourself a unique competitive advantage and professional stnding..
  • Access to the Accreditation Required (AR) tools which are well respected in the market and leading-edge assessments to add to your toolkit
  • Grow and diversity your business by using Talent Tools assessments as a catalyst for building your client base and your product and service offerings
  • Onsell and upsell to your existing and new clients with prescriptive solutiions to issues diagnosed using Talent Tools diagnostics

What Does Certification Include?

  • Access to a range of product resources and Talent Tools proprietary resources through our Client VIP Login 
  • A free online account to administer and score the assessments
  • Take the assessment yourself and receive feedback from a qualified Master Trainer
  • A certificate that authorises you to purchase and administer the assessment

Accreditation Program Processes/Components

Talent Tools accreditation programs are available via a range of delivery methods to meet your learning and the individual tool's qualification requirements.

Options include:

  • virtual certification (delivered entirely online, allowing you to complete the certification at home or work at your own pace)
  • live online with a Master Trainer
  • one-on-one
  • public programs
  • in-house programs
  • customised or bespoke

A blended learning solution that enables you to complete a portion of the certification online accompanied by an interactive in-person portion focused on acquiring the skills needed to utilise the assessment competently and confidently, is generally recommended.

Post-Accreditation Process

Once accredited, you will be set up with your free online portal account where you administer and generate reports, and gain access to valuable product specific practitioner resources, including marketing and training resources, research papers/articles on topics pertaining to Talent Tools and assessments and professional practice.

Where Do I Get Certified?

Contact Talent Tools to discuss your accreditation requirements or visit our Training Calendar or Accreditation Options page.


Accreditation or Certification Requirements by Instrument

NR  -  Accreditation Not Required

AR  -  Accreditation Recommended

MA  -  Mandatory Accreditation

GR  -  Bachelor Degree in a relevant discipline

RPL1 - Currently Accredited and Using Psychometric Instruments in your Role

RPL2  -  Recognition of Prior Learning - Individual Basis Assessed by Talent Tools 


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