large part of any company’s success is in first understanding it's people, as individuals.

 large part of any company’s success is in first understanding it's people, as individuals.

At Talent Tools, we believe that a large part of any company’s success is in first understanding the people who help their business to function. And that belief ultimately demands that we understand the core concepts of human behavior. Our logic is simple; if you can’t understand why a particular individual performs they way they do at their best, or at their worst, then you can’t really understand why your business is either succeeding or, failing.

The Extended DISC System was designed to present its user with a practical “plan of attack”. DISC’s main objective is to equip their clients with the tools and mind-set necessary to enhance the individual, the team and the overall performance of an organisation. DISC uses the psychological and functional aspects of human behaviour to increase efficiency within an organisation or business.

The Extended Disc system is based on a theory developed in the 1920’s by Carl G. Jung. The foundations of Jung’s theory, outlined in his book The Psychological Types (Die Psychological Types), were further developed by William Moulton-Marston who then defined a four dimensional behavior map. As a result, a four-quadrant thinking of human behavior was developed.

DISC: Dominance, Influencing, Compliant, Steadiness. This four-quadrant thinking of human behaviour, effectively explores a manageable way to communicate with diverse personality types.

Talent Tools is steadfast in agreement with DISC’s theory; when a company is able to understand their employees and customers, they can then begin to improve their communication style. Seems simple, right? And it is, however, DISC and Talent Tools not only help companies to understand the four basic fundamentals of personality, we also collaborate to help organisations understand that there is no one best way or style of communication. Every style of communication has its advantages and disadvantages and it depends largely on the personalities of those around you.

Our sister company, Talent Training, and several of our clients already offes client’s successful selling and sales management training by working with companies who are committed to increasing sales performance and organisational effectiveness. We encourage you, to not only enhance sales performance, but to  dig deep soyou can arrive at an understanding of what should be the core of every business’ backbone; their employees. This collaboration will not only afford managers and business owners with a proven conduit for striking sales and revenue targets, it will provide managers and business owners with the tools and knowledge to understand those individuals who will hit those targets.

Our mission is  turning talent into performance, we can do this by providing your company with a better understanding of the game and the players, your teammates will score the winning goal every time!

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