15 Reasons Why You Should Use Extended DISC®

15 Reasons Why You Should Use Extended DISC®

To get the most out of your personal or business growth it is important to understand what benefits the Extended DISC can offer you.

Listed below are just some of the many benefits the Extended DISC® suite of tools can provide to help any business, no matter how big or small.
In this highly competitive business world it pays to have confidence in the tools you use when managing your most important resource - your people. And here's 15 reasons why the Extended DISC® will set your mind at ease -

  1. The Extended DISC® cannot be tricked! Other behavioural analysis programs and questionnaires can be (and often are) answered by people in the way they believe the employer would like them to answer. With Extended DISC® profiles we know when someone has tried to beat the system. The fail-proof measures built into the system means that if someone does try to manipulate the answers, the reports will come back invalid. With other profiling systems there is no way of knowing when they are inaccurate.
  2. The reports are simple to administer - all that you need to do is complete a quick and easy 10-15 minute questionnaire. This ensures there is minimal disruption to your working day.
  3. The questionnaire is done completely online, so it can be done anywhere in the world regardless of location.
  4. Its sophisticated database can differentiate between 228,383,696 different text pages! That means it is more than capable of describing all the unique characteristics we have as human beings. Competitors at best can only create around 200 different texts.
  5. You can be assured of accurate practical reports that describe a person’s true unconscious natural behavioural style - the real person!
  6. Reports can be used for multiple applications - as a stand alone recruitment and selection tool; performance management; integrated into staff development strategies; or used in team building and team dynamics solutions.
  7. Its based on the internationally recognised and respected four-quadrant model of DISC.
  8. Cost effective - a complete system of tools for the development and recruitment of personnel available at a competitive price.
  9. Available in over 50 languages - tested worldwide for over 15 years it has consistently provided accurate assessment for individuals regardless of race/background, so it can easily meet the demands of today's diverse work force.
  10. It can differentiate between 160 unique behavioural styles. If you consider the famous Myers-Briggs personality test differentiates between only 16 personality types, then that’s pretty impressive!
  11. Extended DISC profiles, unlike other assessments, measures both the subconscious or ‘natural style’ and the conscious or ‘adjusted style’. This tells us both the preferred (and therefore normal behaviour of the applicant) plus the adjusted work behaviour brought about by the needs of the current environment.
  12. You can be assured of precise and accurate reports over a very significant range of behavioural styles.
  13. Can determine emotions communicated by a candidate at the time of completion of the questionnaire and determine whether he/she is working outside their comfort zone - essential in discovering people who are under stress in their work role.
  14. Behavioural preferences and style can be assessed during the recruitment process, thereby limiting costly employment errors by interviewers making “gut feel” decisions.
  15. Extended DISC® is not just a profile but also a complete system of tools for the development and recruitment of employees, teams and organisations.

To find out how to start realising these benefits in your business or organisation contact Talent Tools by email or 61 7 3103 0177

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