About the CDP-Individual Conflict Dynamics Profile

About the CDP-Individual Conflict Dynamics Profile

Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)


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The CDP-Individual (CDP-I) is the self-assessment version of the CDP. It is available in both paper/pencil and electronic versions. It uses the same questions about behavioral responses to conflict and hot buttons as the CDP-360. Each person taking the CDP-I gets a feedback report and a development guide.

While the CDP-360 provides richer feedback from others, the CDP-I is excellent when a simpler, less expensive assessment instrument is needed.

Feedback Report

  • The CDP-I feedback report includes:
  • graphs on constructive behaviors
  • destructive behaviors
  • and hot buttons

CDP - I (Individual)  Development Guide -  Managing Conflict Dynamics: A Practical Approach

The CDP-I Development Guide contains over 40 pages of tips for individual improvement in the area of conflict resolution. Each of the 15 Constructive/Destructive scales is featured, with a description of the scale, interpretive information, and developmental suggestions provided where the scores are out of the average range.

The section on Hot Buttons highlights "cooling strategies" for dealing with people and situations that you find the most annoying. In addition, the guide includes an action planning worksheet which outlines steps for further development. 


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