About the Conflict Dynamics Profile® CDP

Written on the 28 February 2010

About the Conflict Dynamics Profile®

The occurrence of conflict in the workplace is well documented and nothing indicates that managers will not continue to spend a significant portion of their time on conflict-related issues.
In fact, some studies say that 44 percent of managers spend 20 percent of their time handling workplace conflict. The Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP) was developed at the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College, which is a network associate of the Center for Creative Leadership. CCL has adopted the CDP for use in its renowned Foundations of Leadership Program. According to CCL, “Effective conflict resolution skills have become critical for today’s leaders.”

The CDP can be used in leadership development, conflict management, teambuilding, change management, talent management, and succession planning.

The CDP is a 360-degree feedback instrument that assesses effective and non-effective responses to workplace conflict and identifies causes of interpersonal conflict. The instrument is for individuals who want (or need) to understand how they manage and cope with conflict and others interpret their actions.

Unlike most conflict instruments on the market that examine styles, the CDP focuses exclusively on the behaviors people typically display when faced with conflict.

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® produces a complete "conflict profile" by providing feedback on:

  • what provokes an individual (Hot Buttons)
  • how that individual perceives the way s/he typically responds to conflict
  • how others view that individual responding to conflict
  • how the individual responds before, during and after conflict
  • which responses to conflict have the potential to harm one's position in a particular organisation

As a psychometrically sound instrument, the CDP shows solid evidence of reliability and validity and has been normed against a variety of organisations. Easily completed in 20-25 minutes, the CDP report comes with a thorough Development Guide offering practical tips and strategies for strengthening conflict management skills.
Applicable for all types of organisations, the instrument can be used within the context of an existing training program, as a stand-alone assessment for an individual or group of employees, or as part of a coaching intervention.

Benefits of the CDP:

  • improved relationships
  • better understanding of self and others
  • positive behavioral change
  • enhanced leadership potential
  • Program Components:
  • Self and Respondent Questionnaires (Boss, Peers, Direct Reports)
  • presentation on the origin, purpose, and depth/breadth of the instrument
  • review of a sample report
  • confidential review of the Individual’s report (by a certified facilitator)
  • goal and planning worksheets
  • CDP Development Guide for ongoing support
  • follow-up coaching: individual, group, or both (optional)

For more information on the CDP and to see a sample report, go to http://talenttools.com.au/conflict-dynamics-profile.html

Contact Sharon Hudson at Talent Tools   61 7 3103 0177  or  email Sharon  to discuss using the CDP in your organisation.