About The Extended DISC System of Psychometric Instruments for Human Resource Professionalls

Written on the 17 September 2013

Create Practical Action Plans

The Extended DISC® System is designed to provide users with practical action plans to enhance individual, team and organizational performance. It provides customized and powerful reports on individuals, teams and organizations. However, Extended DISC® is much more than a set of assessment tools. Although assessments have proven to be very beneficial in numerous applications, assessments alone have a limited impact on performance. It is only when the information from the assessments is applied in practice that the value is created.

Develop a Framework to Achive our Objectives

Extended DISC® provides us with a framework to help us to make the necessary adjustments at the individual, team and organizational level to achieve our objectives. The framework is easy to learn and use, and it enhances performance.

Understand our own Behavior

Extended DISC® describes the person’s natural reaction mode or behavioral style in different situations. It enables the person to better understand one’s own and other’s behavior, and to adjust one’s own behavior to better suit the situation. It also assists in avoiding unnecessary problems in communication and helps people, teams and organizations to become more successful.

Note: The Extended DISC® System is not affiliated with any DISC assessment tools that have been previously available. It is our proprietary system and is only available through Extended DISC™ North America, Inc and its affiliates.

Extended DISC®Team Assessment 360?

Extended DISC™ Team Assessment 360? is a unique 360? feedback tool because it allows an assessor to communicate how he/she perceives the behavioral style of others and how he/she would like others to modify their behaviors for better performance.

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis

The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is a self-assessment tool for measuring the person's natural behavioral style. It produces the following information:

  • Attributes describing the person
  • Communication Style
  • Ideal Supervisor
  • Decision Making Style
  • Specific Motivators
  • Specific Fears
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Sales Style
  • Management Style
  • Supervisory Style
  • Customer Service Style
  • Administrative Style
  • Entrepreneurial Style
  • Team Style

Extended DISC® Reasoning Analysis

The Extended DISC® Reasoning Analysis is a classical intelligence related skills measurement tool. It includes the following tests:

  • Abstract Logical Comprehension
  • Understanding Logical Processes
  • Visual Understanding
  • Understanding Social Situations
  • Numerical Reasoning

The software includes databases for comparing the results, but consultants can also create their own comparison groups.

The Extended DISC® Diamond

The Extended DISC® Diamond is the core of the system. It creates a common framework and language to enhance organizational performance by:

  • Ensuring everyone speaks the same language
  • Ensuring everyone has a clear understanding
  • Unifying effort toward common goals

Just like Generally Accepted Accounting Principles create a framework for managing financial resources, the Extended DISC® Diamond establishes a framework for effective management of human potential.

Extended DISC™ Personal Analysis Applications

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis lends itself to several types of training, consulting and coaching applications. A few of the ways our clients use the system include:

All of the information will be stored in the database regardless of which styles the client requests. As a result, the user may supplement assessments later. The database is capable of storing the results of up 50,000 individuals.

Mapping Human Resources

The Extended DISC® Team Analysis can perform organizational and team analysis in seconds. The system maps the human resources and provides valuable information about the makeup of personnel answering questions such as:

  • Where are we?
  • Where are we going?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses? How can we capitalize our human potential?
  • How can we implement the proposed initiatives?
  • How can we manage change?

The Extended DISC® Training Materials

The Extended DISC® individual and team reports are very important parts of the system. However, providing the client clear, specific, easy-to-use, and practical steps and action plans for improved performance create the real value.

The practical applications are always specific to every individual and situation. How an individual can improve performance is based on his/her behavioral style. As a result, everyone receives individualized action plans to modify behavior for improved performance.

The same will take place in organizational, departmental, and team levels.

Below are a few samples of the training materials. Our affiliates receive the complete Extended DISC® Training Library. The training materials are available both in computerized and traditional format. They can be customized to your existing programs.

There are also a range of training products available for purchase at very reasonable prices.




The Extended DISC® Case Studies

As part of the training materials we provide case studies to assist training participants in applying the learned concepts. We can customize cases to meet your specific requirements. Below is an example.

Case - Poor Atmosphere

Below are the profile and the diamond of the manager of an accounting department.


He has six accountants reporting to him. Their profiles are below.


He is well liked in the company and participates in many projects that are outside of his normal duties. However, for some reason the atmosphere is poor in his department and a couple of employees have even threatened to leave.

What are some of the ways you could improve the atmosphere in the accounting department?

Highlights of Technical Capabilities

  • The system is fully automated and is capable of analyzing, maintaining and visually presenting the results of up to 50,000 individuals.
  • The Extended DISC® System allows users to customize reports to meet the requirements of each situation.
  • The system can perform both individual and team assessments. The system performs team analysis and visually presents the results in seconds.
  • The text bank is capable of producing over 115 million (115,000,000) different text pages to ensure individually specific results.
  • The system can identify 160 different behavioral styles.
  • The questionnaires are available in 20 languages.
  • The Extended DISC® System is not a stand-alone assessment. It currently consists of five assessment tools that are all built around the same framework to ensure full compatibility.

Representative clients:

Baker Hughes International
InterContinental Hotels
Episcopal Diocese of Texas
McDonald's Corporation
Dun & Bradstreet
Warner Music