Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner Training - Specifically for Coaches

Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner Training - Specifically for Coaches

As a Coach, a huge part of your successwill eminate from your self-knowledge, and your ability to identify and understand the different styles of people..

No doublt you have processes and systems to assist your clients to  better run their commercial and private lives, now you can have systems and processes to help clients with the most crucial of all skills – ability to accurately, efficiently and quickly read and understand other people, and adapt your style to ensure a meeting of the minds.

  DISC has been around, in many forms, since the 1920's, through the work of Carl Jung. In 1994 Extended DISC was born enabling us to go even more deeply into the unconscious mind meaning that we can create change at a faster rate and at the same time teach people the power of understanding’ their employee, colleague or client.

The training will equip you with the knowledge, skills and expertise to use the most accurate, fastestgrowing  and most efficient behavioural profiling tools available today. The Extended DISC System is pwoered by the newest and most powerful Online System - EDOS (Extended DISC Online System), which allows you to manage and administer your own account, accessing your own secure online database and administration system..

Eleven reasons why you would do the Talent Tools Accredited  Extended DISC Practitioner Training:DISC Training with Talent Tools

  1. Your client will only take 8-10 minutes to complete DISC online and you'll have a comprehensive 24 page report in PDF format, in your inbox, ready to send on to yoru client.
  2. No generateting reports, simply forward to the client, however, you can order more indepth analysis through your EDOS account at any time.
  3. You'll be able to identify prospective client's style in moments, and able to adjust your style to suit there preferences.
  4. You will have information about how the person is feeling at the present moment, with insight into their stress level, security, confidence and interpersonal needs - ONLY Extended DISC canprovide this information!
  5. Many organisations ask which behavioural assessment system do you use? Now you have one that is highly regarded, accurate and internationally accredited.
  6. Master the debrief process, and be accused or 'reading palms" - the accuracy of the reports will astound you and your clients.
  7. Have instance access to Team Analysis and Work Pair Analysis, and 8 other unique Extended DISC System Tools.
  8. Secure on-going business with your clients, once they have their report, they will want repots for their staff - Grow your business!
  9. Then they will want to see how their organisation shapes up using the Adfvanced Tools in the Extended DISC System - Expand your business!
  10. Sharon Hudson of Talent Tools is Australia's most experienced Master Trainer, with over 6 years accrediting coaches, trainers, internal and external HR consultans throughout Australia and South-East Asia.
  11. Talent Tools refers coaching and  consultancy business to their Accredited Extended DISC Practitioners and Certified Extended DISC Consultants. -  Develop your business!


Become an Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner in a 1 day Fully Packed Sensational Workshop, for a very affordable price, including free reports for you to get started and develop your skills, included in the registation price!

For more information, simply email us, or phone 61 7 3103 0177

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