Benefits of Employee Profiling with Extended DISC

'Extended DISC®' - the most highly sophisticated and advanced profiling tool.


This is not purely a personality profile....but much more!

7 Major Advantages of the Extended DISC Profile System

Extended DISC® cannot be fooled! DISC programs and others can be (and often are) answered by people in the way he/she believes the employer would like him/her to answer. With Extended DISC® profiles we know when someone has tried to beat the system. There is no way of knowing when simple DISC profiles and many others are inaccurate.

  1. Extended DISC® profiles are far more comprehensive than traditional DISC profiles. The text bank enables 228,383,696 totally different text pages to be generated. Competitors at best can create about 200 different texts.
  2. Extended DISC® profiles, unlike other assessments, measures both the subconscious or 'natural style; and the conscious or 'adjusted style'. This tells us both the preferred and therefore normal behaviour plus the adjusted behaviour brought about by reaction to the current environment.
  3. Extended DISC® profiles measure stress level, uncertainty about role, insecurity, frustration, and pressure to change.
  4. Extended DISC® profiles define the influence of the present environment on the person's motivation as far as certain needs are concerned.
  5. Extended DISC® profiles provide interview questions relating specifically to the person's behvioural style. This is not only valuable for recruitment but also for use with the person's appraisal and development.
  6. Extended DISC® profiles show if the person is comfortable with their environment, if they are being stretched too far or if they are feeling restricted.

Our qualified consultants work with you using this tool to provide practical action plans to enhance individual, team and organisational performance. We provide customised reports that measure both the subconscious or 'natural style' and conscious or 'adjusted style'.

Extended DISC® provides a framework to help make the necessary adjustments at the individual, team and organisational levels to achieve objectives. The framework is easy to learn, use, and it enhances performance.

The Extended DISC® is easy to use.

Questionnaires can be completed online, or paper or directly into a computer with the software we provide. The system can be used:

  • For individual professional and personal development
  • To recruit the perfect candidate
  • To improve communication skills
  • To develop leadership
  • To improve sales by understanding our own style, recognising other's styles and knowing how to sell to different styles
  • In workshops for a variety of subjects such as Leadership, Communication, Team Roles, Team Dynamics, Sales Skills and Understanding Others
  • In conjunction with 1:1 coaching achieve breakthroughs otherwise difficult or even impossible to achieve

A Suite of Integrated Profiles, Analysis and Reports


A profile tool for measuring the person's behavioural style. It produces the following information: Attributes describing the person, Communication Style, Ideal supervisor, Decision Making Style, Specific Motivators, Specific Fears, Strengths and Weaknesses, Sales Style, Management Style, Customer Service Style, Administrative Style, Entrepreneurial Style and Team Style.


An assessment profile that combines the results of two Personal Analysis profiles. It compares to two people and helps them in learning more about themselves and by giving them practical ideas regarding how to improve their efficiency in working together.


An online customised Multi -Rater, which can have up to 15 question groups, up to 15 questions per group plus 4 open-ended questions. The number of assessors is unlimited.


An assessment profile that combines the results from the Personal Analysis profiles and offers analysis of teams, departments and organisations from two to 50,000 members.


This is designed for identifying the different perceptions and expectations people have regarding a certain job. The goal is to be able to profile a job that would be possible for someone to succeed in and help in identifying those people who have their natural tendencies closest to the requirements of the job.

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