Case Studies: Using Personal Analysis and Team Analysis Reports in the Selection of Sales People

Some years ago, we came across an example of the use of Personal Analysis Reports and Team Analysis Reports in the selection of sales people utilising a less conventional method than our recommended Job Comparison Report.  The remarkable feature of the manager’s use of the tool was his ability to understand and use the information while not immediately jumping to conclusions.

The manager was responsible for salespeople in seven motor vehicle dealerships in the US - a very competitive and challenging environment.  The salespeople work long hours, on full commission and in a typical dealership, change their employers faster than Hollywood stars change spouses!  This is of course a problem that not only costs dealerships money but creates constant headaches.

When the manager was asked if he had identified a common behavioural style of his most successful salespeople he showed how he had mapped his “top guns”, which were all located in a very narrow area on the Extended DISC map. Our assumption would have been that the manager would have selected new salesmen with the same behavioural traits, but that was not the case.
The problem was that because the salespeople were successful, they were soon approached by competitors or looked for better pay elsewhere.  They normally only lasted a few months with the firm.

The manager was then left without a salesperson on the floor and that leads to no sales and big recruiting costs, meaning further headaches for him!

So he looked for salespeople who fall into the segments shown in Map 2.   He has found that they stay with him over longer periods and he has trained them how to sell more cars.  They listen to him and stay loyal, reducing his employee turnover by almost 50%.
No wonder the owner is thrilled!  It is a smart application of the information that is provided by Extended DISC.
Have you identified what employee behaviours create sustainable, long-term success for your organisation?
If not, how much does it cost you and what will happen to you if you do not do something about it?