Easy Online Performance Management System

Easy Online Performance Management System

Easy Performance Management

A Vital Factor in Surviving and Thriving In These Economic Times Is Employee Recognition and Performance Improvement. Save Time and Money Developing, Motivating, and Retaining Your Valuable Staff Members ...

Easy Pereformance Management is a flexible and secure system that is simple enough for those seeking a basic performance appraisal program yet powerful enough for those desiring advanced features.

  • Secure online hosting permits worldwide employee access
  • Appraisals are short, simple, and can be completed ina few clicks
  • Goals, action steps, and progress notes are easily created
  • Built in e-mail notification provides appraisal reminders
  • Comment coaching offers feedback suggestions
  • Automatic language check identifies offensive or disriminatory language
  • Manager's resources provide appraisal, goal, comments, and corrective actions tips

The Most Powerful, Complete and User-Friendly performance Appraisal Solution Yet

  • Create your own performance competencies
  • Develop employees by using the goal setting module
  • Employees identify strengths and weaknesses in their own performance
  • Comment coaching tools provide feedback suggestions
  • Route appraisals and forms to HR or other managers
  • Keep informal performance notes, complete customised forms, and access appraisal histories all from on convenient location

To arrange a free, no obligation demonstration and trial, simply email or phone the team at Talent Tools on 61 7 3103 0177 .