Extended DISC 201: Surveys Platform

Extended DISC 201:  Surveys Platform


The Extended DISC Surveys Platform was developed specifically for the workplace to become a platform for all types of survey studies.


It includes two fully customisable base or default questionnaires to measure corporate climate and customer satisfaction. The Extended DISC Team Alignment tool, which is very popular with executive and management teams, has also been developed using this survey platform.


Extended DISC Surveys has been designed to be flexible and to allow the creation of endless different types of questionnaires. As a platform, it is "theory free", allowing the surveys to measure all kinds of phenomenon. It has no direct link to Extended DISC theory, and is a stand alone product, which takes points from Counter Two.


The reports are simply produced by the system and provide the results and analysis in both graphical and easy reading text, which makes the data available for most people in the organisation.



Developing the survey instrument is easy, Simply use or customise our base/default questionnaires (organisational climate or customer service), or develop completely new questions and using our excel template shell. Questionnaires are completed online, either identified or anomalously and reports generated. Quick, efficient and cost effective!


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Author:Sharon Hudson